Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Royal-Moana Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • de O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when my fellow ring finder Don referred me to Pratibha from Reading, Pennsylvania. While enjoying a Monday morning at Royal-Moana Beach in Waikiki Pratibha took her ring off and put it in her purse so she could go for a swim. She told me her purse fell down into the sand and her husband unaware the ring was inside cleaned off the purse. They went back to their hotel room and then realized that the ring was missing. She placed a police report and informed the shop owner nearby where they rented a chair from. Fearing the amount of time that went by and how much that beach gets detected I told her the odds would be slim that the ring would still be there. I agreed to meet Pratibha at the Waikiki Police Station during my lunch break and do a quick search to see if we would be blessed. When I arrived the beach was packed with tourists but I did the best I could hunting around them and many were so nice to move their chairs and help. I found six pull tabs and a nickel that made me think we just might find the ring. Then one gentlemen in an area we needed to search refused to move and was just a knucklehead about it. Thankfully the lady next to him said here let me move my stuff and let you search here. Right where she removed her slippers from I got a loud #13 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Pratibha’s beautiful ring in my scoop. I showed the ring to her husband as he was helping me on the beach and he shouted, “Oh my gosh that’s the Ring!” It was getting hot and I was much relieved that we got blessed and the knucklehead didn’t have to be bothered. Vacation saved. Much Aloha to Pratibha and her Family!

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