Lost Brass In The Tall Grass University of WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a set of lost keys from the tall grass.

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March 2023 a gentleman called asking for assistance in searching for his lost keys. He had been walking the night before and stumbled on the curb after crossing the street. He fell to the ground into some tall grass bushes that fortunately cushion his fall so he didn’t sustain any injuries.  However after walking down the sidewalk a few moments later he checked his coat pocket and noticed his keys were no longer with him. The grass being very tall easily obscured the keys from view making his visual search unsuccessful. 

When I met the gentleman on site we reconstructed the chain of events allowing me to identify the drop zone. After a few quick passes of my metal detector I was able to quickly recover his keys beneath a patch  of tall grass. He was very much appreciative to have them back in his hands and quite shocked how quickly they were located after having spent quite some time searching two separate areas. I told him not to be disappointed on his efforts as this happens all the time. By working with an experienced Lost Item Recovery Specialist its not only our technology that we bring but our years of experience in having worked and studied so many of these lost item cases. With this experience we have developed a keen since in asking the correct investigative questions that tend to guide us many times to the best areas to focus our physical search efforts.

Before he went on his way two suggestions were offered to mitigate a future reoccurrence. I suggested he find a clip of any kind and secure the key ring to his clothing or pack. Also the by adding an Apple AirTag tracker to his key chain since he has an iPhone would be extremely beneficial.  A very nice guy and I believe he will secure his keys moving forward. We are happy he was not injured in his fall and wish him all the best. 

Watch the video to see how quickly this lost set of keys was located from the tall grass.

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