Lost Cartier Diamond Love Bracelet Found in South Kingstown Rhode Island

  • de Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call for help from Jen, after she lost her diamond Cartier bracelet somewhere on her 10-acre farm.  I told Jen that I would be happy to search for her bracelet the next day, which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day.  My wife accompanied me on the search.  Jen thought she may have lost it while she was feeding the farm animals.  My search included the outside pens and inside stalls of the horses, goats, and chickens but no bracelet was found.  After I confirmed that she had cleaned the animal stalls recently,  Jen directed me to an area at the far end of the property where wood chips and animal waste are dumped.  I searched this area and located half of the two-piece bracelet.   The second half could not be found in this same area.  I believed that it would probably be the areas where the animals are kept or where the hay and feed are stored.  I reminded my wife to keep an eye on the ground as it could be sitting there in plain sight.  Jen and I went to the pod where she keeps hay for the animals and went inside to search inside the storage container.  That’s when my wife looked down and found the other half of the bracelet sitting on top of  the ground in plain sight right outside the pod.  My wife and I were so excited and amazed that both halves of the bracelet were found and in different locations on this large property.  Jen was thrilled to have her bracelet back!  It was a very happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day all around!


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