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How to Metal Detect a Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring in Sofa…Burke, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Alexandra’s Beautiful Platinum Diamond Ring Recovered in Sofa by Expert Ring Finder Brian Rudolph in Burke, Virginia

Alexandra and Bryan Smiling Happily Ever After Now That Ring Finder Rudolph of THE RING FINDERS Found the Couple’s Sentimental Symbol of Love!

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I received a call from a young lady named Alexandra who needed my help to find two missing items in her home. One was a gold cross pendant and the other was her platinum wedding band with multiple round and baguette diamonds encircled around the band. Alexandra let me know that she lost her pendant a week prior to our contact and then the wedding band went missing a couple of days after that. When she and her husband Bryan tried everything to recover the jewelry and then their efforts ultimately led to no avail, that was when the young lady felt it was time to call a professional ring finder (if one even existed) in order to help the couple solve these two mysteries!

Alexandra found me online when she was searching for a specialist to help her find the lost pendant and ring. My client came across the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS and within a short period of time, Alexandra was on the phone talking with me about the details of these two disappearances. I was excited to help the couple knowing my past successes with in-house searches for missing property. I love solving these mysteries and this particular search intrigued me a great deal because it involved searching for two very different types of items that were lost completely independent of one another.

Because we were dealing with an in-house search, I encouraged Alexandra to check out past articles and videos of mine that show my successes while searching for lost property in people’s homes. She had done her research in advance of her calling me, so we were all set to go to schedule an appointment for me to come out and give it a shot on solving these cases.

The very next day I headed out to Burke, Virginia extremely excited about taking on this brand new challenge before me. When I arrived, Alexandra went over all of the details regarding both pieces of property that she had lost over the last week. With regards to the crucifix, she took me over to a dining room table padded bench where she found only the chain that the pendant was originally connected to. She explained that when she fastened the chain, she accidentally did not connect the clasp correctly and that had explained why the chain was not even broken when she found it on the bench seat. Alexandra went on to share that she looked everywhere for the beloved crucifix, searching the upstairs bathroom (where she had initially put it on) as well as scouring her bedroom, kitchen area, living room and even the back seat of her car. No matter how much teamwork was given to the couple’s efforts, the very special cross was nowhere to be found.

As far as the missing wedding band was concerned, Alexandra and her husband Brian shared that the only place that the ring most likely had ended up was the sofa in the living room. When my client laid down on the couch to take a nap, she believed that she took both her engagement ring and wedding band off and placed them beside each other somewhere on one of the cushions. Then, when she awoke, the rings were both gone. Bryan searched throughout that area and he swore that he heard a “jingle” sound while lifting up the cushions to inspect underneath. To both of their surprise, Alexandra spotted the engagement ring right at the edge of where one part of the sectional piece connected to a second sectional piece. The two of them figured they would find the wedding band somewhere close to the other ring that was discovered, but when they searched over and over again, they could not find the platinum and diamond wedding band anywhere. Alexandra and Brian both believed that the sentimental keepsake must have ended up down below in one of those sectional pieces belonging to the sofa. However, no matter how they flipped the couch and used flashlights to shine down inside the rectangular shaped furniture, neither one of them could spot the missing-in- action piece of jewelry.

Once I completed collecting all of the facts needed to start the first search, I pulled out the gear that I needed to begin looking for the lost crucifix pendant and then headed to the second floor to start the recovery operation. I checked every square inch of each of the rooms where Alexandra had shared where she put the chain on in the bathroom as well as moved around in the master bedroom and another room that was adjacent to it. I inspected all of the carpets and all of the spaces between the walls and the carpet and still nothing turned up. Then, I placed my endoscope down into the sink, but it was completely clear, along with every crack and crevice that I found underneath the plumbing and below the sink cabinet. Once I cleared all of the rooms, I moved my way down the hall back towards the stairs and analyzed all of the carpet as I moved my way back towards the first level.

When dealing with in-house searches, there will be those times when the case that I’m trying to crack just keeps on getting more mysterious as I check every which place in the rooms that were associated with its disappearance. No matter how detailed the search is conducted, for whatever reason, the treasure sometimes doesn’t make itself known. In regards to this case, I thoroughly inspected every open space in the foyer of the house, all of the kitchen and drawers that would apply to this particular search, all of the eating areas along with checking where the detached chain was found lying on the bench at the table where the couple would generally eat. Still, nothing was found. When everything checked out to be clear in the living room as well, I put my jacket and shoes on and headed outside to metal detect the front lawn that led down to the sidewalk (just in case Alexandra had lost her piece of jewelry as she went to her car to grab a couple things before returning back inside). I was truly hoping I would find the gold in that region but still there was nothing positive to speak about after finishing that section of the property. The very last place that I had to check was the back seat and floor of Alexander’s vehicle, but sad to say, upon doing a thorough review, it checked out to be as clean as a whistle. Therefore I had to conclude that the 14 karat gold cross would not be recovered under my watch. I was hopeful that perhaps the couple would stumble across the jewelry in the basement or someplace else where Alexandra didn’t remember where she walked when wearing the loose chain and pendant. One thing was for sure and that was that my client was confident that the crucifix did not end up in her clothes. Alexandra recounted with me that she carefully examined all of what she was wearing that day and the cross did not stick to or stay in any of what she was wearing at the time of the crucifix’s disappearance.

I was quite disappointed that I was not able to report good news to the couple regarding my search for the lost sentimental piece of jewelry. However, the two of them agreed to keep their eyes wide open just in case it might turn up over time. As soon as I completed my brief regarding Search Number One, I turned the page and began a new chapter with my second search at hand. Knowing all of the details that revolved around the lost platinum and diamond wedding band, I was pretty confident that I would recover the band. I made my way over to the living room couch where I had been earlier when looking for the pendant and immediately began inspecting the only suspected “scene of the crime”.

I just love searching for people’s lost property and especially this particular in-house recovery operation. I first got out my endoscope once more (which I had used earlier in various places where I needed to check any gaps and spaces where the crucifix could have slipped into and disappeared) and I placed my probe down into a narrow space at the top of the left sofa sectional piece. I wanted to see if the wedding band had made its way down inside that very narrow slit. This space that I am speaking about happened to be part of the sofa hardware that helped to connect the left portion of the couch to its right counterpart. It made the most sense that if Alexandra found her beloved engagement ring just near the edge of the left sectional (which was very close to that narrow opening), her precious wedding band probably had fallen down into that space when Bryan had first removed the left cushion and heard that “jingle” noise (as if the ring hit something as it was traveling out of sight).

As I maneuvered the endoscope lens every which way possible in order to view every square inch of that particular piece of furniture, I kept my eyes glued to my monitor screen just in case a curious target would come into sight. I must have checked that sectional for at least 10 minutes observing every corner and chamber, but it all checked out to be clear from what I was seeing on my monitor. If I did not find the ring in the next sectional, I was determined to return back to the previous piece of furniture and resume my search where I had first started to probe.

It was now time to take my investigation over to the second sectional piece that was to the right of the one that I had just checked out. This particular sofa piece was identical to its counterpart, except that its slit was positioned near the left edge where it was connected to the left sectional. Once again I placed the endoscope down into that narrow space and searched all of the same places that I had observed in the previous site next to it. At first everything seemed to check out perfectly with no sign of a piece of jewelry anywhere. It even started to make me wonder if perhaps I would not score on my second in-house search for the irreplaceable platinum and diamond wedding band. However, just as I was positioning the probe on a certain angle in a particular spot inside that second sectional piece, I saw on my monitor screen what appeared to be a thin sliver of metal that was wedged between some internal fabric of that particular piece of furniture. I did not want to get too excited at first because from my first vantage point it almost looked like it was the rim of a nickel or some other coin. I didn’t want to get overly optimistic, but this image on my screen definitely got my attention towards this particular object! After a few more tries of wielding the endoscope snake in such a way that I could get a better glimpse of what this target actually was, my eyes began to widen as I viewed on the monitor what appeared to be several diamonds inserted into this mysterious piece of metal! In fact, the more I twisted my endoscope cable to get a better fix on my target, the more round and baguette shaped diamonds could be seen encircling this most beautiful metallic “halo”! I had found the ring indeed! What a rush that was to behold such an amazing sight! There is really nothing like the experience of being able to search and then identify the missing piece of jewelry which could not previously be found by my bewildered and frustrated clients! It brings me so much joy to be able to return something that holds such emotion and sentimental worth that when I find something like this, it just sends me to the moon and back!

Now that I had located the gorgeous piece of platinum and diamonds, I was left with the task of carefully retrieving the missing item from its unique hiding place. The strategy I used was to place a hook on the end of my device and return to the spot where I had first discovered the object. Then, I would carefully attempt to grab a hold of a part of the band in order to extract it from the furniture’s dark inner chamber. I’m excited to share that within a few minutes of attempting this operation inside the right sectional, I was able to successfully grab ahold of Alexander’s wedding band and safely bring it up and out of the slit of the right sectional piece! The search was over! Yes, I successfully recovered Alexander’s most exquisite diamond wedding band! It really was a beautiful piece of art! Knowing how sentimentally priceless this symbol of love meant to the couple, I couldn’t wait to surprise Alexandra the moment that I called her upstairs (as she was working in the basement) to review what I had done thus far! When I did the reveal just minutes after finding the wedding band, uncontrollable emotion made its way down the sides of this young lady’s eyes as I held up the piece of platinum between my fingers! That one-of-a-kind ring which was originally placed upon Alexandra’s finger on the day of holy matrimony between she and Bryan was now finally on display once again!!

It was another amazing moment which never gets old for me when I get to return something as cherished as this back to the finger of my client! Alexandra and Bryan were so grateful for my work and expertise in recovering this lost item for them! Even though I was not able to find the crucifix, the three of us rejoiced and celebrated the success of finding the second lost item! Just looking at Alexander’s face, you could tell how relieved she was to finally get her diamond ring back on her left hand and move on from all of the distractions that had taken place over a week earlier!

Before I left, we took some pictures and then Bryan poured each of us a glass of “something special” and he made a toast to the successful recovery of Alexander’s most precious sentimental keepsake! What a wonderful time it was and I will never forget this extremely special couple who entrusted me with their irreplaceable “symbol of love”!


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Metal Detecting Lost Engagement Ring…Found in Burke, Virginia Backyard

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Michelle’s Elegant Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Shining Above Ground Once More!

A Very Happy and Relieved Bride-To-Be Holding Her Most Precious Jewel!


A young lady named Michelle called me in a state of desperation, asking for help in finding her platinum, 3/4 carat blue sapphire engagement ring. It had gone missing the day before and the bride-to-be was devastated in not knowing where to turn or what to do about the situation. After many calls were made to businesses where she may have lost her ring, Michelle googled “metal detector rentals” in the Burke Virginia area. The first listing was for THE RING FINDERS, an international metal detectorist directory. Her only mistake made in this whole story is that Michelle didn’t click and contact THE RING FINDERS first! Instead, she decided to select the next listing which advertised metal detectors for rent. It wasn’t until the young lady and her concerned father failed to recover the most sentimental piece of property in Michelle’s life that she finally returned to THE RING FINDER’S online website to locate a local metal detectorist near to her.

The moment that Michelle began to share her story with me, I recognized that she had the best attitude under the circumstances of what she was dealing with. Michelle and her fiancé Tim were greatly looking forward to tying the knot on May 15th of 2020, and the thought of not wearing her engagement ring on the most special day of their lives was just devastating (Note: Sadly, little did Michelle know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic which erupted just a week later, the couple would have to postpone their wedding to a future date). And yet, as upset as Michelle was, she maintained a certain positive mindset and was hopeful that her phone call to me would prove to be the wisest decision she could make since none of her other ideas brought back her sentimental keepsake. Calling her fiancé in Great Britain where Tim had been currently working at the time was one of the most difficult moments for Michelle when she shared the sad news that her ring had disappeared. As it got closer and closer to the “big day”, there were more details being checked off the enormous wedding to-do list and this was clearly a step in the wrong direction! The bride had looked forward to soon gazing at her beautiful gem as she would embrace her future spouse upon Tim’s arrival home from England in preparation for their spring wedding. That dream of wearing her engagement ring for Tim was now in jeopardy of ever happening.


Here are the details that Michelle shared with me about what she was doing prior to the disappearance of the ring. Michelle and her best friend Jenny spent the afternoon together. The bride drove over to her friend’s house and they first took Jenny’s car to the local Best Buy for some quick shopping. Next, they headed over to the shopping mall where they had lunch at Popeye’s restaurant and then stopped over at Sephora to try on some makeup samples for the wedding day. They finished their task and then walked to the other side of the parking lot where Jenny’s car was parked. Finally, they drove back to Michelle’s best friend’s house where they hung out in Jenny’s room and inside the kitchen area.

Up to this point the excited bride-to-be wasn’t consciously aware of whether or precious ring was still on her finger at that time or not. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later, after Michelle arrived back to her own neighborhood that she realized the ring was gone. Once she pulled into her driveway, she walked up the front path, entered the house and immediately placed the dog harness on her sweet canine named Penny. They proceeded to take a long walk down the street and back to her residence. Then, they went along the left side of the house towards the 2.5 acre back yard where she allowed Penny to play in her dog pen as she talked on the phone with a friend and then made a call to her fiancé Tim. Because the young lady was focused on her conversations with her husband-to-be on the phone, as well as with her girlfriend while walking Penny earlier that afternoon, her mind and eyes would not have been focused on whether or not her ring was still on her finger. After a while, the two continued their walk around the property to the front yard where Michelle took the dog to the end of the block, and then back to the house where they finally ended their long trek for the day. Once she brought Penny inside for her feeding time, she looked down at her hand and was shocked to discover that her beloved blue sapphire engagement ring was gone!

The distraught young lady immediately contacted Best Buy, Popeye’s, Sephora and the mall security to see if they could check their video footage to verify whether or not Michelle was wearing her engagement ring as she walked out of any of those stores. Out of all three retail places, Best Buy was the only one that was able to confirm that Michelle did in fact have the ring on her finger when she walked out to Jenny’s car! This helped a little bit by cutting out the electronics store, but there was a lot of territory that was left to be in question. Of course, nothing was turned in at the mall security office or at any of the places where the ladies stopped at inside the shopping mall.

The next thing that Michelle did was contact a local hardware store that advertised metal detector rentals online. She and her father took the Garrett Ace 150 and took turns swinging the machine all over their multiple acre estate, scanning a long side the road up and down the block and then back towards home again. While pulling up random pieces of iron and insignificant metal objects, Michelle felt so frustrated with herself that she just couldn’t remember when she had it on her hand last! After hours of searching, Michelle and her dad still didn’t give up and they continued to methodically cover the bride’s tracks from the front door, all around the front steps area, up and down the street, along the side of her house towards the backyard, walking in the direction of the dog pen and all across the lawn to the other side. They detected every spot where Michelle remembered walking so that they didn’t miss a section of that lawn. Finally, the father and daughter duo finished scanning the grass on the right side yard of the house and then covered the front as the search came to a conclusion. By the time they were done searching, complete exhaustion and disappointment set in. It was at this page in the story when I, Brian Rudolph, of THE RING FINDERS was contacted with the hope that I could finally bring resolution to this very troubling mystery!


The Night Search – Day 1

I arrived at Michelle’s Burke, Virginia neighborhood sometime around 6pm later the same day when she called me in the morning hours. Earlier on the phone, the bride-to-be shared that she still wanted to personally do some more metal detecting around the property before finally calling it quits. So we agreed that if she still had no luck, I would come out later that day and get a new search started. Frankly, it was a lot of ground to cover and there was no way of knowing whether the ring had even fallen off her finger near her home or someplace else. Knowing that the priceless jewel had already been slightly loose on Michelle’s hand and that there were so many possibilities as to where it could have ended up, I had to keep my mind focused and remain confident that I wasn’t wasting my efforts as I searched around her property, as well as detecting up and down the street. That always plays a “mind factor” when there are just so many loose ends to a mystery case.

Upon asking Michelle additional questions, her first thought was that she must have lost it somewhere in the yard. However, doubt set in because she began to think of all of the places that she had visited throughout the day (other than Best Buy) and realized that the ring could have come off anywhere since she didn’t remember the last time she saw it on her finger.

The other side of the coin was that because the weight of the platinum ring was quite recognizable, Michelle believed that she would have realized that the ring had been missing earlier when she was hanging out with Jenny. So, she had a feeling that the ring could have been lost along the front walkway, somewhere in the neighborhood along the street, or possibly lost in her yard. One thing was for sure, Michelle and her father felt that they had done a fine enough job of metal detecting all of these “hot spots”, yet there were no positive results to prove their claim.

Once I introduced myself to Michelle and her friend Jenny who was over at the house, as well, Michelle showed me around the property and got me oriented in terms of all of her movements from beginning to end. She even took me back to the laundry room where she fed her dog Penny when she first realized that the ring was missing. I checked her blue hoody sweatshirt pockets with my handheld metal detector, and then searched the foyer area of the house before starting to metal detect along her front steps and around the bushes. The most important thing that we did was to pray and ask the Lord for help in recovering Michelle’s most priceless possession. I told her that God loves marriage because he instituted the whole concept of marriage and the engagement ring acts as a symbol of commitment which God ordained from the beginning of time between man and woman.

Next, I metal detected a pile of dog poop bags near the garage just in case the ring ended up in one of them during a “pickup “. I continued my night search all along the side yard, moving slowly towards the backyard and around to the other side. I only had about 2.5 hours to look for the jewel so I did not do a consistent grid search, but rather a quick scan by zigzagging the metal detector with the hopes that I might hit the target as I moved quickly to cover as much territory as possible. There were various target signals that hit my detector but none of the metal appeared to be above ground.

I finished the quick scan around the perimeter of the house including the section of the yard where the dog pen fence had once been set in place and where Michelle had been hanging out with the dog the day before. Still nothing turned up. I then walked along the street all the way to the end of the block and then moved my way back around on the opposite side of the road and went all the way to the other end of the court. By the time I backtracked to the house, I had just enough time left to inspect Jenny’s car and then Michelle’s vehicle as soon as her parents arrived back home from the airport. Using a high lumens headlamp and my highly effective endoscope which can show me hidden details within cracks and crevices in vehicles and in houses, I concluded that Michelle’s ring never ended up in either vehicle. Still curious if I had missed anything, I quickly rechecked some of the side yard to the left of the house once more. Nothing turned up where the grass met the driveway and where it sloped down towards the tree line. It was at that point that I needed to turn my equipment off, pack my things up and say good night to Michelle.

Before leaving Michelle’s house, I summarized all of what I had accomplished that evening and I was quite encouraged that I covered quite a bit of ground even though I did not discover the ring. Michelle was equally positive and kept thanking me, expressing how much she appreciated my help. I gave her some homework assignments to take care of for the next three days before I would be able to return that coming Sunday to resume the search. I told her that I was hoping that she would find the ring before having to see me again. I also shared with the bride that I would continue to pray for the discovery of this “symbol of love” between her and Tim until I was scheduled to return three days later. Michelle agreed that she would take my advice and place flyers in everyone’s mailboxes in the neighborhood, as well as post an ad on Craigslist just in case somebody found the ring at the local mall. Though she would have to return the metal detector, Michelle would keep her eyes open and continue to scan both sides of the street to see if she might eyeball the ring. She would also check her yard again including the house living room which I did not inspect up to that point. Michelle would also check in with the mall security, Popeye’s and Sephora to see if anybody turned the ring in. Once we covered all of our bases, I left her place and encouraged her to stay strong and believe for a miracle.

The Day Search – Day 2

Three days after my initial search, I returned to Michelle’s place on a beautiful but very cold Sunday morning. I gave myself a search window of 3.5 hours of metal detecting around Michelle’s property. My goal was to grid as much territory as possible and this time I would swing the detector with very fine gridlines as opposed to the zigzag pattern that I did before due to my limitations on time the other night.

Though I had already searched the street, I thought it would be best for Michelle to take me on a walk towards the end of the court where the street dead ends in order for me to get an exact foot movement as to where she walked about with Penny four days earlier. We also prayed again and asked the Lord for help in recovering Michelle’s beautiful ring (calling on the Name of the Lord for wisdom and guidance is the most important detail in all of my searches).

When we returned from my orientation down the street, I asked Michelle to take me to the backyard and she once again walked me through some of her steps when she was walking the dog that afternoon of the disappearance of her ring. Everything checked out to be the same account as before but with one exception. When I asked her again if she had walked anywhere in the center of the backyard, she did mention that she had walked from the far back of the lawn over to the dog pen. This meant that she had in fact crossed into the center of the yard and walk towards the entrance of the dog’s pen gate to allow Penny to move about inside the fence line. I would remember this important piece of information later in my search that morning.

While Michelle relaxed in her house with her parents, I started metal detecting up and down the street, focusing on the exact areas where Michelle had guided me earlier. Everything checked out clear. Then, I returned back to her estate and began grid searching all along the side property heading in the direction of the backyard. Nothing checked out along the line of pine trees that separated Michelle’s place from her neighbor’s property. I kept moving my way towards the backyard all along the perimeter of where she had previously walked. It was at that point that I utilized that very important information that Michelle shared with me earlier when she mentioned that she cut across the middle of the yard over towards the dog pen. I continued metal detecting in that same direction.

It was extremely bitter cold outside and at some point the very thoughtful bride-to-be came out to check on me. She kindly offered an inviting cup of hot chocolate which I gratefully welcomed!

While the kettle was being heated up, so did my search as I moved closer and closer across the center of the multi-acre lawn towards the pen area (in the same direction of where Michelle and Penny walked to the pen’s entrance). Though I had previously covered the parameter of where the fence was set up initially on my last visit, I had not metal detected closer to the center of the backyard heading towards the dog pen’s gate from that center spot. This was definitely a small strip of new territory for me to investigate.

Just as I was approximately 10 feet or so to the left of where the dog pen gate entrance would have been set up, I hit a very promising target signal. Though I had already encountered multiple target signals that appeared to be quite shallow or on top of the ground, nothing turned up to be Michelle’s ring. This particular target signal had a certain bounce to it and a certain tone that was in the range of what I was looking for. I was quite excited as to the possibilities of what this piece of metal could turn out to be. I knelt down in the grass, took out my pinpointer (a handheld metal detector) and zeroed in on exactly where the target was hiding. Just as I started rummaging through some blades of grass to finally catch the stubborn little piece of metal, my eyes excitedly became fixated on a circular shaped object that was silver in appearance! Then, I saw the color blue at the very tip of this spectacular looking halo! I found it! I found Michelle’s lost ring! I was just as excited as I was surprised at the fact that I found it in such a short period of time in the location of where I was searching! I probably had been outside in the backyard for less than 30 minutes or so before bringing this difficult search to a close!

The ring could have fallen anywhere in the neighborhood or it could have ended up in somebody else’s pocket had the jewel not stayed on Michelle’s finger long enough to return back to the property after doing her afternoon errands! I could have been out there searching just about anywhere for the next several hours or even possibly days on end all to conclude that it was nowhere to be found! And yet I discovered the engagement ring before having to go through countless hours of detecting in the freezing cold! I was overwhelmed with gratitude unto the Lord for what I was able to recover for this concerned young lady! I couldn’t wait to reveal what I had found!

At some point soon after I found the ring, Michelle came out with the hot chocolate. It was absolutely delicious! In the moments that were to follow, the surprise that I revealed to the bride turned out to be even sweeter and more memorable than even that amazing cup of hot chocolate which Michelle had graciously made for me! Her reaction to what I recovered for her was completely off the charts! Her parents were also beyond blown away with excitement and were frankly in a state of awe as to what I was able to accomplish that morning! In the foyer of their lovely home, Michelle, her parents and I all celebrated together this fantastic return of their daughter’s most beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring! Tim was contacted soon after our party came to close and he was so very relieved that the ring was found! He also expressed his deep appreciation for my successful efforts and asked Michelle to convey his many words of thanks for recovering the priceless keepsake!

I was so proud to know that what no one else was able to find, I had discovered the beloved bridal betrothal piece and brought it back to Michelle’s finger that morning! Yes, now that it was successfully found, that special sentimental treasure would excitedly count the days when it would happily welcome its new counterpart…yes indeed, Michelle’s long awaited wedding band!

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