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Lost White Gold Ring Found In Luna Pier Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Beaches, Bonfires and Moongazing

Well what else is there to do in Luna Pier? That’s exactly what Dora and her friends were thinking Saturday night and into the morning hours today when the set up a get together on a private land beach to enjoy spending time together.

As the evening progressed into the morning they watched a thin waxing crescent moon rise over lake Erie. As the logs burnt away and the temperatures dropped the young group of selenophile’s decided to part company. It wasn’t until later this morning Dora realized her ring was missing. On site we checked the beach area and worked towards her house searching the path she travelled. Nothing in the sand was found. Getting closer to her house in a grassy area I got a great signal where white gold registers on my MXT. Reaching down revealed this very unique design white gold ring! Dora concluded that it must have come off while reaching for her keys in her pocket. Now the memories of losing her ring are replaced with thoughts of great friends, beaches, the crackling of a bonfire and the serenity of moonglow!