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Lost Gold Ring Found In Warren Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Widow’s Gold

Got a call from Patti who said she lost a ring doing the final yard cleanup when the snow started to come down this morning. She didn’t say what kind of ring it was or where it may be. Texting that I had arrived ahead of schedule I got no return text. I did a visual and noticed the front yard was very small and the back contained many metal yard ornaments and quite a few bags of leaves. I knocked on the door with no answer so I figured the best place to start would be the front yard and that it would be best to start before the weather got worse. The sound of crunchy, crusty snow sounded beneath each step and as it scraped under my coil I received many junk metal signals. Dialing up the discrimination silenced the chatter. Completing the left half of the yard revealed nothing. Starting the search on the right half of the yard under a very aromatic spruce tree I worked carefully not to miss any ground. Exiting the canopy I got a very nice signal of an object at 0 depth. Scraping my pin pointer thru the snow it vibrated at the same time this beautiful custom design gold ring came into view! I was confused as the ring resembled more of a man’s band. Still no response from her I took a couple of pics. As I started up the wheelchair ramp she appeared and I was just about to hold the ring up for her to see when she said thru the door she’d be with me in about 5 minutes. She didn’t know that I had already found a ring and when she did come out I ran towards her saying there’s no need to walk further down the slippery ramp and presented the ring to her! I asked if this was the ring and she said yes! Inquiring about the ring she said it was her late husband’s and she would wear it often and when performing the chores that he once did. She was very happy that the ring was found and mentioned that she really didn’t know where it came off and having it back enables her to still connect with him on many different levels for many more years to come.