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White Gold Wedding Band recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

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I got a call last night from Harry, requesting my help to find his lost white gold wedding band in his heavily landscaped yard.  I discovered when I arrived that heavily landscaped meant thick, dense shrubbery. Harry had been working out on his ground-level trampoline when he felt the ring come off and fly somewhere into the bush.

Since the bush was very thick I used the smallest coil I had to get in, around and between the spaces. Since there was no room to swing my detector, I used a more of a vacuum cleaner motion to try and cover as much ground as possible.   Many times on searches like this one I can spend hours searching due to the difficulty of the search but, this time I picked the right end of the yard to start at and recovered the ring within 20 minutes.  Harry and his wife were thrilled that I was able to recover the wedding band that had a lot of emotional value.  Another happy customer of The Ring Finders.  Thank you Harry for the generous reward.  


Happy Harry