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Unique Hierloom Gold and Diamond Ring Lost at Belmont Shores Bay Beach, CA. .Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)









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Chloe had lost one of two rings her mother had passed down to her. It was one of two matching gold with diamond rings that her father gave to her mother. One was her mother’s  wedding ring and the other was given to her mother the day Chloe was born.

Chloe had been sitting in the sand at Belmont Shores on the bayside with her friends. It was dark when she flicked her hand and one of the rings went flying into the sand. Everyone tried to find it with no success. She returned to her house just a block away, where She began to search the internet for ideas to help her find the ring. She was able to get my contact information but was afraid to call so late at night. After not sleeping well , worrying that the heirloom ring was lost forever. Chloe called me at 5:30am apologizing for the early call. I assured her it is never a problem and it is important to call ASAP.

She was going to try to rest for a bit and said she could meet me at 8:30am .. I was at the location an hour early just to make sure I claimed the area as a search location. After Chloe showed up she gave me a smaller plot of sand to search. Her precious hierloom gold and diamond ring was in my scoop within  a few minutes. Then her face lit up with a big smile and you could see the relief from all the worrying she had gone through for the past 12 hours.

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