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  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #167

Recently I was referred to Pete about his lost wedding ring in the surf in Seaside Heights, NJ by fellow ring finders Steve Pacifico and Dennis Burlingame. While Pete was there enjoying the day he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger into the waves. I went out there that night but the tide was coming back in a bit too quickly for me to safely go further into the surf at night. I vowed to Pete that I would return the next morning to continue the search. The next day I promptly returned and resumed my search into deeper water. Within an hour I had his ring in my scoop! I sent Pete a photo and he called me immediately. He was very happy to know that I found it for him! Within minutes of that phone call Pete had his ring back on his finger where it belongs! Another Success!

Pete’s lost ring! Watch here!
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Found cell phone Alki Beach Seattle Returned

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Went on a random medal detection hunt and found an undamaged cell phone buried in the dry sands of Alki Beach, Seattle. See how the rest of the story unfolds at this video:


Lost Ruby and Diamond Sentimental Engagement ring found at Loyola Beach in chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call from a young man who was helping an elderly women. The gentleman was sitting on a bench at Loyola Beach with his girlfriend when he observed an elderly women frantically searching on her hands and knees for her sentimental engagement ring in the sand. It was yellow gold with two Diamonds and a Ruby. He helped her by marking the spot with some small stones and a buried t shirt. He went online with his phone and found the Ringfinders website and my name. The woman does not own a cell phone. He called me and explained the situation. This call was received in the late afternoon today. I knew that if I didn’t come out right away, the stones and marker would probably be gone in the morning because of the raking machines they use every morning on the beaches. He gave me the woman’s landline number and we met at the beach. The marker was still intact. In less than 30 seconds, with just 1 swipe of the coil, I found the ring less than a foot from the marker. It came up as 12/05 on my CTX 3030. The woman was in shock that I was able to find it. She had already given up any hope of finding it. People nearby saw that I had found it and came running over in disbelief. Another GREAT DAY to be a RINGFINDER!! I couldn’t have been happier for her so I had my picture taken with her.

Lost Wedding Ring St. Pete Beach

Joe Szemer, Andrew Szemer, Tom Jones, Nemo Filimonovic and Elizabeth Filimonovic

August 10 while having an SRARC board meeting, a call came in for a lost ring on St. Pete Beach. Elizabeth Filimonovic explained that she had set her husband Nemo’s wedding band on his shirt that was lying on the sand. When he picked up the shirt the ring was lost in the sand. Tom Jones, Joe Szemer, Andrew Szemer and Mike Miller went to the beach at 10:30 pm. The team got to the beach and found the ring within the first 10 seconds after the hunt started.

The following evening the ring was returned to the happy couple. Upon meeting Elizabeth and Nemo, the comment was made, « Nemo, as in Captain Nemo? » Elizabeth replied, « No, as in Finding Nemo. »