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Lost Gold Ring Found In Novi Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

He Was Just Served…….

….and as the ball crossed over the net, Karthik jumped into the air spiking the ball back across and into the ground.

As the teams went back and forth rhythmically rotating players in order, the game ended with disorder on the court when Karthik noticed his ring was missing. A few people helped to search in the dark but no luck. Upon arriving this morning Karthik and I discussed details as a light rain was coming down. Deciding to search the sand in the direction of the spike revealed nothing. Rethinking, I started to scan a grid pattern in the grass area. After a few minutes my MXT metal detector gave me a good signal and just below the grass and quite a distance from the volleyball court this very nice gold ring with a silver band revealed itself! Even tho his team lost, he now holds the record for the longest distance a ring has been spiked!