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2 Lost White Gold Ladies Rings Found In Lapeer Michigan

Daily Double No. 2

Newly married and at a engagement party for their friends, Logan’s wife lost her rings. After a few days and borrowing a metal detector they had no luck in locating them. Meeting this morning we discussed the path she was on and even tho it was dark out, he thought he remembered the general area. The neighbors had opened their pool and she had been in it and travelled back towards the house. Starting at the pool I grid searched a wide path going towards the house with my MXT metal detector. A few deep iron targets sounded off but after a few minutes I got a nice signal close to the surface. Probing with my pin-pointer thru the thick grass I got a signal. Reaching thru the grass and clover revealed the larger of the 2 rings! Leaving the ring in place for reference, I searched thru the grass and clover and about 2 inches away was the thinner ring! Logan couldn’t believe that they were found after searching the same area with the borrowed metal detector. Totally thrilled we both agreed that this was a great thing, and that the party ended on a good note!