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Lost White Gold Ring With Diamonds Found In The Snow In Columbus Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

She Didn’t Want To Leave Home Without It…..

….But unfortunately that’s what happened to this pictured man’s wife yesterday as she was playing fetch outside with their Alaskan huskies her ring came off in about a 500 sq. ft. area of their front yard. She had to leave today on business and even tho they looked around with a toy type detector nothing was found. When I talked with him this morning she had already got to her destination and was due home tomorrow and he was hoping I could find it so he could surprise her. When I got on site there was about 6 inches of snow and after being greeted by Him and completely inspected by the huskies I was granted approval to search their habitat! (lol)
He mentioned a few more details as to where she thought she was in the yard and I followed the snowprints with my MXT, imagining the coil was a magnifying glass and I was an electronic investigator as I was glad I had these clues in this large area. After gridding an area that looked like multiple movements and shuffles occurred in the snow, my MXT rang out with a +10 +12 and 0 depth as I pinpointed.
Brushing the snow aside revealed this beautiful white gold ring with diamonds!

Just look at the detail on this custom design! I waved my arms up and he came running out and was super thrilled! He has not told her it has been found, and he plans on presenting it to her at the airport tomorrow making the « I’ll be home for Christmas » so much more memorable for them! SEE HER REACTION TODAY BELOW!