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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Driveway at a Anahiem, CA. home. Found using a metal detector service

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



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*** Nik had pulled his motor cycle out his garage to do an afternoon ride. As he was preparing his riding attire, his gloves were pinching his left ring finger. He pulled his left glove off with his right hand. Then he heard the ping of his platinum wedding ring hit the asphalt driveway.

He purchase a metal detector from a local sporting goods store. There was only a 2ft wide strip of dirt with a metal cyclone fence. The long dirt area had dried leaves that could hide a ring. The metal fence was 6” above the ground.

Nik was sure the ring flew to the right of where he had been standing. I scanned 50ft to the right and just for a good measure I did 30ft to the left, even though Nik was insistent that the glove pulled the ring flinging it to the right. 

After two hours it was getting dark and I was ready to give up. Nik asked me if I could double check the other side of the fence one more time. I agreed even though I felt it was a waste of time. If it made him feel better that was the least I could do. My second attempt on the other side of the fence yielded nothing. Walking back to my car, I was casually swinging the detector when I got a great signal the opposite direction he had believed his ring flew off his finger. It was Nik’s platinum wedding ring.

Here’s what happened. The ring flew off his finger when his left hand popped out of the glove. He thought the ring was in the glove and went to the right as he pulled hid left glove off with his right hand. Confusing, yes, I’m giving up on trying to guess which way rings go when people are throwing things.  Just grid search everywhere, don’t try to figure out which way the ring went. 

Nik was very emotional and grateful to have his wedding ring back. It was not looking good after a couple hours in such a easy search area. It’s amazing to see all the crazy places these rings end up.


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Lost Cellphone Found in Sand at Newport Beach, CA. .. Returned to Greatful Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



















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…I found a new Cellphone in the dry sand at Newport Beach, CA. It was locked with no contact information anywhere on the phone. People should put their email address or another phone number somewhere on their phone. They might find out how honest people are if there is a way to return a lost phone.

When I returned home I was able to see Instagram message request on this phone. There was a email address from the person asking for permission to send a message. I sent that person an Instagram message asking him if he knew anybody that recently list a Cellphone Newport .

The guy got online and found Christie who had lost her phone. He past off my contact information to Christie and the next day she met me to retrieve her phone. Thanks for the internet and a guy named Oscar who took the time to search his last communications. To help get the phone back to it’s owner.