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Photographer Lost Her SD Card, Wolf Creek Road, Edson Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)





Jordan called me this morning requesting my service to locate her 64gb San-disk card which she lost while taking photo shoots of her clients out in a remote area in Yellowhead county.
It was very important to locate the SD card because she had pictures of four different clients on that disk. It would be very expensive to redo all the photo shoots again plus the time and the inconvenience to her clients. The disk was lost in very tall grass. Jordan and some friends searched the area last night for about three hours with no luck. I told Jordan if she put me in the approximate area that she lost the card I would find it. I told her I could be there in about two hours since she is 200 Km away from me.
I meet Jordan at the area and within 30 minutes I found her SD card in perfect condition. Jordan was overwhelmed and very happy to have her card back.
Thank you, Jordan, for entrusting me to find your card.

Lost Keys Parking Lot In The Oliver Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Today I received an e-mail from Rachael asking if I would be able to find her keys.  I agreed to meet up with her at her apartment parking lot where she thought they could be.  After asking a few questions I began to search around her car and then the immediate area from the back entrance of the building.  I found them buried in about two inches of snow.   Rachael was very happy to have her keys back as we all know how expensive it is to replace security chip keys.

Thank you Rachael for entrusting me to find your lost keys.

White Gold Wedding Band recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

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I got a call last night from Harry, requesting my help to find his lost white gold wedding band in his heavily landscaped yard.  I discovered when I arrived that heavily landscaped meant thick, dense shrubbery. Harry had been working out on his ground-level trampoline when he felt the ring come off and fly somewhere into the bush.

Since the bush was very thick I used the smallest coil I had to get in, around and between the spaces. Since there was no room to swing my detector, I used a more of a vacuum cleaner motion to try and cover as much ground as possible.   Many times on searches like this one I can spend hours searching due to the difficulty of the search but, this time I picked the right end of the yard to start at and recovered the ring within 20 minutes.  Harry and his wife were thrilled that I was able to recover the wedding band that had a lot of emotional value.  Another happy customer of The Ring Finders.  Thank you Harry for the generous reward.  


Happy Harry

Lost Gold and Platinum Wedding Band recovered in Calgary, AB

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Bill Jones – Ring Recovery Specialist. . .Lost your ring ?. . . Call ASAP Anytime   403-701-1739

I received a call from Armin he had been searching for his lost Gold and Platinum wedding band that had come off his finger while bringing the trash can from the curb to the house 2 days prior.  Unfortunately, there had been a hefty snowfall that swallowed up the ring immediately, leaving no trace of where it had gone.  I agreed to meet him at his home at 6 pm he walked me around the property and even showed me the two most likely areas to search.
I gridded out the area and started my search pattern, on the first pass nothing but scrap and a ball of aluminum foil, but then close to the neighbours’ house there was a patch of snow that was too deep for my detector to penetrate to the bottom so the snow had to be spread out.  Armin got to work with a rake and within a minute of scanning with my, metal detector Armin had his beautiful wedding band back on his finger.  Another smile returned thanks to   Thanks for the generous reward Armin.

Lost Ring Recovered in Highriver Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I was halfway through my daily bike ride when my phone rang from a number I didn’t recognize.  I stopped pedaling and pulled over to answer my phone and heard a ladies voice asking me, “Do you still find rings for people?”.  I answered yes all the time and she went onto to explain that her daughter had lost her engagement ring in High River, Alberta.  We agreed that I would meet her daughter the next day to conduct a search.  Her daughter Fontanna came on the phone and explained that she had only been engaged for 2 weeks and went out to do some spring cleanup gardening and that she had lost it either in the front or back yard.

I arrived the next day and she came out to greet me send showed me the areas thought it might be.   I started grid searching the front yard then the boulevard next the back yard and nothing but junk iron signals.  I asked if they had retained the garbage bags from the cleanup, as that’s a common hiding place for lost rings. She explained that they had emptied the bags onto the garage floor and searched through them, I asked if I could try with my detector.  On the way in the garage I noticed a bag of garbage leaning against the outside wall and asked about it, Fontanna explained, that it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, it wouldn’t be in there. So I set up my detector to low sensitivity and iron discrimination then tested for rebar placement and tone. Next, I searched the spread out leaf litter and dry grass. I easily located tin foil bottle caps etc. but no ring.   Then I searched the backyard and front yard yet again knowing it had to be somewhere on the property.  Still no luck,

Fontanna’s fiancé came out of the house and asked her if we checked the garbage bag out back she again said she had no reason to believe it was in it.   Since I had nowhere else to search I asked if we could check it anyway.  They agreed and we dumped out the garbage bag and just as Fontanna had said, it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, a pretty nasty pile of stuff.  I scanned it with me detector and we pulled out metal items foil, a pop can, just the stuff you would expect to be in the garbage bad. I noticed a pair of work gloves and scanned them. I got a strong signal and separated them to discover it was only the left-hand glove that had a signal.  With my pin-pointer probe, I narrowed the signal to the little finger of the glove.  Fontanna’s very patient fiancé took the glove and cut off the end of the finger to reveal the treasured Lost Engagement Ring.  It was smiles all around, another happy customer of the ring Finders.   Thanks for the generous reward Fontanna.


Happy to have Ring recovered