Found lost wedding band in a pasture in Springville, Al.

  • de Pinson (Alabama, United States)

Got a call from David, about a lost wedding band that had found it’s way into a pasture. I was working at the fire station that day and could not make it out there but set up a time 2 days later to see what we could come up with. In Davids words…. “My wife gave me her rings to hold on to while she road her horse, we were about to leave and I was gonna ride our other horse bare back out of the barn and into the pasture. As  I got to the pasture I remembered that one of or other horses lost a shoe, so I road around looking for it. As I got to the back 40 there was no sight of the lost shoe, so I ran her all the way back to the front of the pasture and I completely forgot I had my wife’s rings in my chest pocket! Reaching down in my pocket I noticed that the wedding band was gone. So I marked the area where I had ran my horse from with landscaping flags hoping that would help define the area we it could possibly be. I went and bought a cheap detector and tried to find it first myself, after several hours into searching I had not been able to comeup with anything. Then my wife stumbled on the ring finders website and we found Richard listed on there and he was close by. Thanks to Mr. Archer we found the lost ring

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