Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Wilmington, DE!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a late night text from Julian after he tracked me down in the Ring Finder directory. He and his wife, newly wedded, were traveling through the area visiting friends on there way back to their home in North Carolina. Apparently he joined a pool party at a friends house in Wilmington, DE which featured a slip-and-slide in the backyard. After several adventurous turns on the slip-and-slide he noticed his beautiful 2 week old gold wedding band was no longer on his finger. After several hours of stressful searching he finally decided to reach out to a pro…and see if a metal detecting expert can reunite him with his ring.  He and his wife were planning on heading south the next day….so time was of the essence. I agreed to meet him at the house the following morning. Upon arriving, as always I asked him to walk me through what he think happened to his ring…he was quite convinced it slipped off while he was fooling around on the slip-and-slide. I proceeded to demonstrate my equipment to he and his wife so he had confidence that if I passed over the ring….I would definitely find! I gridded off the area in aand around where the slip-and-slide was set up…and began my search. I had my machine set up to isolate on the gold ring if I should pass over it. Now a gold ring on the surface will have a unique signature on my Equinox 800 metal deector…so I was hyper focused in scanning area. Sure enough on my 4th pass….i got the signal I was looking for! As Julian and his wife looked on from the other side of yard…I bent down, picked up the ring and held it high in air…..multiple cheers and a « no way! » rang out from my audience! I was very happy to be able to come through this nice, newly married couple!

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