14k Wedding Ring Lost in Parking Lot, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)





I received a text from Phil on Wednesday afternoon requesting my service to locate his lost wedding ring which he lost on Tuesday evening.
I called Phil and explained to him I was out doing another ring search and asked him if I could call him back once I was done with that search and that was ok by him.
I meet up with Phil at the parking lot and he explained to me what happened. He was helping his co-worker dig out his car which was stuck in a snow rut by pushing back and forth and throwing gravel for traction. Once the car was freed from the rut Phil realized his ring was missing. Someone suggested scooping up the snow and carrying it to the basement to melt which he did and he had a large pile. He must have done dozens of trips down to the basement. Then a co-worker suggested there had to be a better way to find a ring and suggested a metal detector. He googled and found me! I searched the pile of snow in the basement but no ring to be found. I headed out to the parking lot and searched the immediate area where the car was but again no ring was found. I searched further out from the immediate area and found the ring approximately 15 feet out of the search area.
Thank you Phil for entrusting me to locate your lost ring! Another very happy and grateful Client!

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  1. Phil dit :

    I figured there was a good chance that I had scooped up the ring in the snow I brought to the basement. I had made a lot of trips and scooped up a lot of snow (I was wrong). I started to get nervous as I heard the parking lot was going to be plowed that night…and that’s where Norm comes in. If it wasn’t for Norm my ring would have ended up in a giant snow pile and would have had no chance of finding it until the spring. Even if I did find it in the spring (slim chance) there would have been a very good chance it would have been mangled by the plow. Norm was prompt, professional and courteous. I have my ring back in my hand and I can’t thank him enough. Keep up the good work Norm!


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