Family heirloom ring lost at Coronado beach found

  • de La Jolla (California, United States)

Donna was visiting here from AZ, and while enjoying a day at the beach in Coronado yesterday, lost her family heirloom gold and platinum wedding ring in the sand. She had removed her ring to apply lotion, and placed it in her chair pocket. The Chair later got folded…….and well you’ve already have heard that story before! She and friends searched to no avail. She even went out and bought an inexpensive metal detector to conduct her own search, but, after an afternoon/evening thunderstorm that blew through the area making the previously dry sand wet again, the detector just didn’t do the job under those conditions. When my wife and I arrived, we met Donna, got the story, and I was shown the search area they had marked off. That always helps to have a known spot verified by photos taken the previous day. First pass, got a foil signal and that’s exactly what it was. Return pass, same story. Just starting the third pass, and I get a nice strong 16 on my Equinox. I said that this sounds like a winner, and sure enough, after locating it with my pin pointer, I pulled this beautiful ring out of it’s hiding place. Donna was super happy to get this historic ring back before having to leave town on Monday. A pleasure to meet you Donna, and thank you for the generous reward.


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  1. Donna says:

    Mark – you and your wife are such wonderful people! Thank you for finding my ring in less than 5 mins. After searching until 10:30p Friday night and resuming at 7a on Saturday – while I was still hopeful I’d find it, I was beginning to have doubts. So happy we found you, and to only work on a reward basis was amazing to me. Not sure if you heard the cheers and clapping from the condos behind us and people near us. I didn’t hear it because I was too busy giving you a big hug – but was told everyone was rooting for me! Thank you again – words cannot express my gratitude!

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