Lost Titanium Ring Found In South Lyon Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Under Fire…..

….Is where Ethan found himself on Father’s day after signing up for a tour of duty battling a group of youngsters during a hand thrown paintball game. Ducking, diving and hitting the deck, he was doing a fine job at dodging the colorful bullets, but during return fire, his ring slipped off on the large battlefield. Nearing dusk, as the children flanked him from all directions he had no choice but to try and run thru a gap before being overtaken by the little warriors, darkness and mosquitoes. On site I began my grid search and after getting many large iron signals I learned there once was an old house upon the property, so I concentrated on the area where I saw the spent paint bullets. Closing in on the grid search I got a mixed signal of iron and a non-ferrous signal. Lifting the metal detector coil up a bit revealed a good metal signal and that the iron was trying to overtake the smaller, better signal. Pin-pointing thru the grass and reaching into it revealed this handsome titanium ring! As Ethan turned to see what I was holding he was hit with astonishment of the recovery and although his first time throwing lost him the battle, in the bigger scheme of things he won the war!



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