Man’s Palladium Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Mary D. saying that she had posted on CL about her husband Tim’s lost wedding band and had gotten an e-mail from someone referring me, that someone turned out to be my son-in-law. I explained that I was a member of The Ring Finders and an independent metal detectorist that could help find her husband’s lost ring. She said that he had lost it at approximately 1pm (roughly 2 hours before high tide) and somewhere within a 2 block area. This big of an area was going to be a tough search but I agreed to meet them on the beach in about 15 minutes.

When I arrived I met both Mary and Tim and thankfully Tim narrowed the search area down to about a 40ft width and out in the surf about 30-40 ft. I told them what I was going to do in the way of the search and told them they didn’t need to stick around and that I’d call them when I found it. I started a north/south grid search working the wet sand to make sure it wasn’t lost there. I then changed to an east/west grid running from the wet sand out to waist deep water. My sixth line, in thigh deep water, I get a great signal on my White’s PI, take a scoop of sand, shake it out and there’s the ring staring back at me. I called Mary and had her verify the inscription in the ring which was 4/16/16, the date they got married, she identified the inscription and I told her I had the ring in my hand. Ironically their wedding month and day were the same as me and my wife’s. It was also ironic that Tim’s dad and I were both in the Coast Guard together although we didn’t know each other but we had served at a couple of the same duty stations but not at the same time.

When Tim and Mary showed up to get their ring they were both shocked that it was found but extremely happy it was.

Tim and Mary, Thank you for trusting in me to find your lost treasure and best of luck to both of you in all your future endeavors.


Tim and Mary Devin Tim's Ring

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  1. Dex dit :

    Dude u are a bloody legend, just read your blog and wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you for providing this wonderful service!! Good on ya champ =)

  2. Feenta dit :

    Nice! We rarely see people like you these days. Keep up the good work! I’ll spread the word about your service.

  3. Damocles dit :

    The Ring Finders seems like some mysterious game of thrones secret organization that shows up and magically produces what you have lost. You are a wizard.

  4. Taylor dit :

    Super cool thing ya did here, thanks for being awesome!!

  5. Sarah dit :

    People like you are what keep the world civilized. Your a paragon.

  6. Peter dit :

    Great job! Just wanted to let you know that your service and site are now famous on if you didn’t know that yet!

  7. Redditor dit :

    I am just here to confirm Peters statement.

  8. Tim D dit :

    So so so grateful to you Jim for finding my band and coming out so quickly. I really thought it was gone forever and kept replaying the ring tumbling off my finger in slow motion ala Frodo in Lord of the Rings. Our very serendipitous connection still blows my mind and we will enjoy sharing this happy story for a long time. Big thanks to your son in law for recommending you to us, i hope our story helps other people reconnect with their lost treasures. Semper Paratus, thank you a million times over!
    Tim and Mary

  9. reddit 1 dit :

    awesome work man, this is a really cool story

  10. Kori dit :

    the world really needs more people like you good sir, awesome job!

  11. Redditurd dit :

    I can only imagine the rush of emotions….from panic…to lost hope….to a twinkle of hope….then « WTF? Yah, right. Like anyone will EVER find that ring out there ». Then some hero dude like you walks up, and throws a shitload of confidence, that, as a matter of fact, this MF’er just might be able to pull it off. Cool and calm, he says to you- « take off. Go to dinner. Enjoy the day. I’ll call you in a little while when I find it. You reply « when? » He says back…. »when ». You take the wife out. A nice beachside lunch. Fish tacos and Dos Equis. Then your phone rings. You look at the wife. No……shit….. « hello. Alright, we will be there in 10 minutes ». The entire way over, flooded with hope but battling the emotion of « there is no God damn way ». As you arrive he meets you by the edge of the beach, reaches out his hand….and there….there it is. Only a few hours ago, all hope was gone. It would NEVER be seen again. Thousands…gone. Might as well burn the cash. It damn near makes me want to go and take the wife on a nice beach vacation, and when she goes to put our rings in the safe in the hotel….I tell her « don’t worry about it »……getting laid for living dangerously is my reward. Maybe….just maybe….I’ll be able to live the emotions in real life.

    1. Redditurd dit :

      Seriously though. This is such a great service you all offer! So cool of you all to help folks in such a shitty situation!! Kudos to ya’!

    2. walter dit :

      Thats some great writing!!

  12. Jillian dit :

    Saw this story from reddit. You are a life saver, and I know my parents could have used such services in the 90s when my mom lost her ring water skiing. Thanks for helping find people’s lost treasure. 😀

  13. /u/mattypotatty dit :

    People like you keep my faith in humanity, keep doing you!

  14. Dave dit :

    Just wanted to say that you rock! What a great service you provide, and doing it for free? Unbelievable!! Best wishes –

    – Dave

  15. Utterly epic, lost my wedding ring years ago wish I knew about this!

  16. Deyan dit :

    Great job, you’re a wonderful person to do this pro bono.

  17. Nicely done Jim. You’re the superhero in our band of brothers. Great job getting theringfinders on the map here in SC.

  18. Matthew T. Fry dit :

    You’re the man Jim. I guess this is going to cost me another cheeseburger. Great job.

  19. John dit :

    I came here from Reddit after reading the story of you finding a womans wedding band in the ocean. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you in it!

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