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Lost Ring Greenville County…Found

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

­Received a call from Coleman a young man that lost his ring downtown Clemson sc

I was able to meet up and searched the areas that Coleman thought the ring had come off While in a Scuffle several nights before.
I spent an hour searching the areas he pointed out with no luck so I broaden my search closer to a building that was not thought it would be by when I received a strong signal. Pulled the vegetation back and bingo there it was..

it’s all about not giving up and taking time to think outside the box.


Lost wedding band found Simpsonville SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Received a call from Sean about his wedding band that was lost in his backyard while doing yard work. I listened to his story and we set up a time the coming Saturday morning to look for it. Sean has A strong sense where he believe the ring was and after several minutes I was able to locate his ring.
Knowing where he’d  been and what he’d been doing at the time that Ring was lost was very helpful in this case.
Thank you Sean for allowing me to come out and find your  ring.. 


VMI class ring recovered Taylors SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text  from Travis’s wife about finding her husband’s VMI class ring.  I was able to meet Travis and his daughter this last Friday and heard his story. Travis said he had thrown an apple core off a friends back deck when his VMI class ring went sailing with it.  Travis had searched several days trying to find his ring with no luck. I started my search in front of the deck area then moved outward. I finally was able to get a shallow signal and using my pinpointer  to brush the grass aside. Boom there it was..

I was shocked at the size of his ring. One of the largest ring’s I have ever seen. I called over his daughter and she picked  it up and cleaned it off then we tried to surprise him. But he knew something was up when he saw both of us standing there waiting on him to come off the deck .. that’s when she gave him his ring.

You could tell his ring was very meaningful to him and having his daughter there to give it back to him was an awesome moment.

Thanks Travis for trusting me enough to find your ring.


Lost diamond ring recovered Greer SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I  received a call several days ago about a lost diamond ring. I was able to go out  after work and recover that lost ring.  Took only a half hour of searching before finding it.

Another successful search in the books. 

Wedding ring recovered from roadside. Greenville SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)


I received a call this afternoon  from Spencer. Spencer explained that had lost his wedding band Cycling with a fellow rider. Both riders hit the same dip in the road and both riders went down hard.  (traveling nearly 40mph )

I was able to meet Spencer where the crash    occurred and started searching the roadside for at least an hour with no luck. I search up and down both sides of the roadway thinking the ring could’ve rolled down the road. Finally I Received a strong 45/47 on my whites mx sport and located Spencer’s lost ring close to were he had fallen.

I texted him a picture of it and could tell he was one happy guy since just getting Married several months ago.

If you have lost something important. Give your  local ring finder a call.


Lost engagement ring recovered Pendleton SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Hi all

I Received a call from Pamela about her engagement ring that was lost in her back yard.. I set up a time to go out and try to recover the ring. I started along a metal wire fence and worked out from there.. on my second pass I received a #18 vdi on my Fisher F 75+ and used my pinpointer to zero in on the signal.. bingo I found it…. 

Total time of search was about 2  minutes.

Thank you for the call and happy to help out this young couple..

If you have lost something important and need a hand finding it. Give your local ringfinder a call..




Wedding band recovery Greenville SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

HI all

  1. I received a text yesterday  from Ian about his wedding band lost days earlier. Ian told me he was raking leaves when he noticed his wedding band was not on his finger any more. I was able to go today and recover his missing wedding band. I used the whites mx sport and received a strong 47 vdi on the display.  Thank you Ian for your generous reward. 

Lost gold ring found in pond. Rutherfordton NC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Jennifer yesterday over her  gold ring that was lost in a pond out behind her house while she was feeding the fish. I was able to set up a time this afternoon to go search for her ring. After a nice scenic drive I arrived at the location.  I suited up in my chest waiters and using my whites mx sport I entered into the water and was able to find Jennifer’s ring within 2 minutes in about thigh deep of water.  The mx sport vdi was 42

I was thrilled to find Jennifer’s ring for her. Jennifer told me she had contacted some closer ringfinders but never received any answers back, then she found me and said I was her best shot at locating her ring. You could tell how much this ring meant to her. 

platinum wedding band recovered from Lake Murray Prosperity SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
  1. I was contacted by a fellow member Jim Wren from  North Myrtle Beach asking me to contact Dipro about his lost platinum wedding band he lost while having some fun at lake Murray in Dreher Island state park. He  receiving  permission from Parks officials and we set up a time to search for the lost ring.  Today I was able to go out and search for the lost wedding band.  I searched for about an hour before I heard a good shallow signal about 4 ft in depth in the water.  I was able to recover and return DIpros ring.

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Lost wedding band recovered! Inman,SC

  • de Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Charles about his lost wedding band. I was able to text him back soon after that night and told him to call me and we would set up a time to search for his ring. Charles had lost his ring taking grass off his fishing equipment and he accidentally flung it off his finger which bounced once and rolled off the dock and fell in to the pond. After making several tries for the ring himself by feeling for it with his fingers he gave up. Charles posted a need to find his ring on craig’s list and was contacted by one of our ringfinder relatives from myrtle beach and told him to contact me.

I’m not 100% comfortable in pond water because its nasty,mucky and you sink 4 to 5 inches on each step. I brought my hip waders hoping they would be high enough to keep from getting totally wet. I was trying to dig signals in the clay bottom and after an hour I was wondering if I would ever find this titanium ring. I believe I chased this ring 2 ft before finally getting it in the sand scoop I was using.

Thank you Charles for the call and letting me find your ring and for the generous reward.