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Ring Found Private Lake NW Plains of Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

As they were floating on a private lake. They started to drift apart, so they reached out to pull each other back together. Her hubby tried to grab her hand only to pull her very expensive wedding ring off. As they looked in horror to the splash and sinking to the bottom. They intelligently looked around for land marks to mark the location, even coming back to the spot and dropping a brick to the bottom. They knew the lake water would drain enough by the end of summer to ease the search. An online purchase of a metal detector was the next step as water levels were low enough to walk out in the mud. After only finding 2 beer cans they contacted me to help with the search. Plus the brick was missing which increased the search area. With their excellent location info, I started my search walking straight out from shore and trudged through the mud about a 100 feet or so. Thats when I got the right signal for a large gold ring. It surprised us all the beautiful ring was found and found quickly.  Momma was very happy!

Colorado ring found

Colorado ring found

Colorado ring found

Colorado ring found

Ring Lost in Lake Recovered Metal Detecting Richmond Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

June 30th, 2019 In Chesterfield (near Richmond) Virginia, Dustin was playing on a boogie board in the lake behind his home. He felt his ring slip off and quickly mentally marked his location and where it dropped. The ring is a family heirloom, which made the loss even more heart rending. After buying a detector and not being able to find it himself, he called me.

The water depth was about 4 feet deep, and the mud was almost a foot deep. Dustin had searched the area so the bottom was disturbed. There was a chance the ring had been inadvertently pushed into the mud, so I needed to be able to locate deeper targets. I started with my ATMax and a standard coil, but the signals were erratic. I switched to my Excalibur underwater detector and started to locate and remove the usual trash targets like fishing lures and pieces of aluminum. When I didn’t find it after an hour, I re-interviewed Dustin and visualized how a strong young man like Dustin would have been pushing his board. Using that information, I went a little deeper into the water and hit on a clear target. The depth and mud made it difficult to extract. Another successful recovery of a family treasure!

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Dustin’s Beautiful Classic Ring