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The S.D Ring Finders Metal Detector equipment & rental helped find a lost gold ring buried at a San Diego beach. OPEN NOW Call 760 889 2751

As easy as a wedding ring can be lost in the beach sand,It can also be easily found with a Metal Detector right away. I recently found this ring for Alesha at a San Diego beach in just a few seconds of swinging.She was very gracious I could help find her precious gold ring so quickly.


San Diego Metal Detector Guy found lost ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders San Diego Metal Detecting Service helped find another lost ring at the beach.OPEN NOW 24/7 CALL 760 889-2751

June 24th. Sunday morning,It was finally a sunny day Here in San Diego during our “June Gloom” Weather which happens to be caused by A Catalina eddy that flows in a fairly small counterclockwise circulation with similarity’s of an area of low pressure and develops invariably off the California coast, typically from Point Conception to San Diego, also known as the « Bight of California. » The eddy gets its name from where it mostly forms, near Santa Catalina Island.

This particular sunny morning was a busy beach day when I was contacted from a very nice family at Camp Del Mar about a precious Ring lost in the sand at Camp Pendleton. Though,I was actually sleeping 😴 after a midnight night hunt while ironically searching for long lost rings in California with Chris Turner who happens to be the CEO of TheRingFinders. I got the text/call and I immediately woke up with one eye and finished the remainder of my Starbucks coffee from the night before in the fridge and drove there to help them.

There was 1 hurdle before the search to begin due to the request of proper I.D or a sponsored civilian passport that has been recently required to enter the Military base in Oceanside CA.

After finally arriving to the scene of the lost ring,I turned on my metal detector and found this precious metal buried in the sand in just minutes! Instantly hugs and smiles light up all around. I was Overwhelmed after sleep walking with my detector but this is still one of my fastest recovery’s,Yet thankfully on a day where a weekend cat nap was needed to Eat,Sleep,Search And live to detect again.


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