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Swamp Thing versus The Ring Finders (fighting over a Lost Texas A&M Ring)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Swamp Thing versus The Ring Finders
I was contacted by Harendra Mondal a resident of Katy, Texas who was looking for someone to help him recover his son’s lost Texas A&M Class Ring from a bog in Katy, Texas.
Harendra reported his son was visiting a wetland (bog-swamp) area in Katy one evening when a large, massive creature arose from the swamp. Harendra said the creature caused such a fright, that in his son’s effort to escape from the creature, his Texas A&M Class ring slid off his finger and fell into the swamp.
Harendra said when his son returned home and told them of the horrific event, they did a little internet research and identified that his son was a Swamp Thing victim. Harendra’s son had told his father he was not sure if Swamp Thing saw his ring fall into the water and was hoping he might one day be able to recover it
Harendra said while researching the Swap Thing on the internet, he came across The Ring Finders website and located (Houston Metal Detecting Services) and placed the call. Harendra provided me with all the details related to his son’s lost class ring, as he asked if we could recover the lost ring. Harendra further stated his concern beyond Swamp Thing in the swamp was Alligators, and Venomous Snakes that have been seen in those waters.
After a review of all the information, a plan was made to search during the heat of the day in hopes that Swamp Thing would be deep into the cooler waters of the swamp, and that we might go unnoticed.
As one can see from the photos, we were able to successfully sneak into the Swamp and recover this Texas A&M Class ring
The Ring Finders (1), Swamp Thing (0)
Stay safe,
John Volek































































































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