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Lost Ring, Night Find, Pensacola Beach – FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I love to find rings at night!!!  There’s something about that cool breeze and the stars in the sky that make it that much better  😃  I got an email last night about 8pm explaining to me that Matt and his wife had been out on Pensacola Beach all day enjoying the Gulf and especially the Blue Angels as they rehearsed for the upcoming show this weekend.  Matt had put up a tent and taken off his shoes.  Unfortunately, his wife put her diamond and white gold engagement band in one of his shoes and forgot to tell him.  When the family ended the day and headed towards the parking lot Matt popped his shoes together on the boardwalk to knock off the sand.  When an inexpensive ring came out he asked if she had put her rings in the shoe and she said, “oh yeah, hand me my engagement ring” 😳😳😳.  Well you can guess where this story goes next. First Matt decided to rent a metal detector and actually did a great job removing all of the bottle caps and pop tops from the area ( I appreciate that 😉).  Unfortunately those machines are just not built to find anything made of precious metal around saltwater or after it has dropped deeper in the sand.  In fact when they finally called me and I came out, you could see his tracks where he had gone directly over the spot with the rental detector.  It didn’t take long once I finally got to the beach and I’m very glad I got to return such an important ring.  Thanks for letting me help you out Matt!