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Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Lost Inglewood Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Lloyd this morning requesting my service to locate his late father’s wedding band which he was wearing while playing ball with his dog in the park. I agreed to meet him at 2 pm.
When I meet Lloyd I asked him a lot of questions regarding the loss of his ring. He told me he had lost the ring 2 weeks ago while throwing a ball for his dog and that he had rented a metal detector with no luck. He even came back a couple of times with a rake and combed the area again. Finally he checked on the internet and found my advertisement. I gave Lloyd my test ring and I told him to throw the ring in the direction he thought the ring had gone. I told him his ring would be found within 10 feet of where the test ring landed and that is exactly where I found his ring. Lloyd was very grateful to have his father’s ring back on his finger. Again thank you Lloyd for allowing me to locate your lost ring.


Lost Ring Found Rosenthal Neighborhood, NW Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Received a call from a anxious young lady she had just lost her ring in a tots lot while she was playing with her son, after asking Annik how she lost the ring! Annik said she remove her ring while applying sun screen on her son, She put the ring in her pocket also she had her phone in the same pocket and not realizing she answered her phone and that’s when the ring fell out of her pocket.

Thank you Annik for contacting me to locate your Lost ring.


Lost Platinum Ring! Laperle School Play Ground Edmonton. Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Kasey around 1:15 this afternoon while I was heading out to another search, Kasey asked me if it was possible for me to find her platinum ring that her sister lost at the play ground?  I told her I would call her back after I was done with my search.

Within one hour I called Kasey back and we meet at the playground and she told me how her eight year old sister had her ring. Kasey’s ring was on her bed and she asked her sister to put it in a safe place until she got home from work, that was Saturday, her sister wore the ring on her thumb and went to play in the park that afternoon while pushing her friends on the swings the ring flew off into the sand they searched but could not find the ring.

Even Kasey and Devon looked but no luck, Kasey did a Google search and found The Ring Finders and called me  the ring is now back on Kasey’s finger! the rest is history.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Kasey and Devon for allowing me to find your lost ring.

Acura Key Fob Lost in the Snow Crestwood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call first thing this morning from Mark he was out shoveling snow from his sidewalk and his Vehicles and lost his key fob and could I possibly help him find his key fob? I told Mark I would be there within 1/2 hour.

Drove up to his house parked on the street as I got out of my truck I felt something under my foot  and their in the snow was Mark’s key fob, pick it up walked up to his door knocked on the door and introduced myself and asked him is this what you lost.

Mark could not believe I found his key fob so quickly,

Thank you Mark!

Another happy Client!

Engagement Ring Lost In Couch. N/E Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Christine she had lost her 14k white gold engagement ring on/in  her couch on Saturday evening Christine and her fiancé  spent all day Sunday tearing the couch apart with no luck at all so last evening she called me to ask me for my assistance.

I made appointment to meet Christine this morning at her home when I arrived she looked so frustrated with the whole ordeal about losing her ring, Christine told me it so imperative that I can find her ring because her wedding day is in April. I told her I will do my very best! Christine told me she has a habit of rolling her ring on her finger and that’s when she notice the ring was gone.

Christine showed me the couch and where she thought the ring could be she even thought her little Shih Tzus dog had swallowed the ring? I check her dog with my scanner! She came out clean which made Christine very happy.

I checked the couch cushion check all the crevices between the frame and fabric with my camera in one corner of the couch I spotted her ring tucked in between the fabric and foot of the frame!

 I called Christine over and asked her is that your ring, the joy on her face when she saw the ring was enough for me! another happy client Christine was so grateful to have her Ring back on her finger Thank you Christine for entrusting me to find your ring.