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Seattle Ring Hunter Recovery Specialist Of Hidden Assets Cash, Gold, Silver & Precious Metals

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SeattleRingHunter Recovery Specialist Of Hidden Assets Cash, Gold, Silver & Precious Metals

Most people have heard or know of someone that has stories of family members that have hidden stash piles of cash, gold, silver and or other precious metals some place on their property. Often times when individuals have passed or properties are being prepared to be sold the pressure is on to reclaim any and all of these hidden assets before the property is no longer accessible.

This can be a very stressful time for most people as many of us simply have no real experience in searching for lost items let alone spent years studying, planning and perfecting the practice of lost item recovery. The good news is I am here to assist you on all matters concerning hidden asset recovery in a confidential and secure fashion.

To think you can take such a task this important on all by yourself without having developed years of experience in lost item recovery simply puts you at a great disadvantage. You may have already spend countless hours of your own energy and efforts searching with no success.  Individuals that are close to the situation often times can be stressed and miss major clues and not even realize it. You owe it to yourself and your family to reach out for some professional assistance.

I am Jeff Morgan, The SeattleRingHunter, and over the years I have been entrusted to search several of these estate cases on private property often with sensitive circumstances involved.  Please reach out to me today for a private direct consultation so that we can discuss in detail the next steps in recovering your families hidden assets and treasures.

Having personally recovered over $21,000 in hidden gold and silver coins as just one example I understand the process of lost asset recovery. I know what it means to you and your family to reclaim whatever valuables are still there to be found.

If your in search of lost items of value reach out to me directly for a confidential chat so I can formulate a recovery plan for you!


“You now have a friend for hidden asset recovery assistance!”

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