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Lost Wedding Ring Found in Stowe

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


I was out on errands when I got a call from a guy who had just lost his wedding band in the snow in Stowe. I always keep at least one detector in the car in case I get an emergency call, and told him I could come immediately to do a search.

He and his wife and two daughters were here for a long weekend of skiing. He was helping one of his daughters out of the car and threw some of her nut shells out into the snow. Luckily, he felt his ring fly off, otherwise, he may not have known where to look.

They searched with no luck. His friend looked online to see where to buy or rent a detector close by, and he came across my listing for The Ring Finders service.

In a little less than an hour I met them there, he showed me the area where it should be, and I started the grid search. After a few false alarm signals, I got a good signal, pushed the pin-pointer into the snow and there it was! A very handsome platinum and rose gold ring. He quickly put it right back where it belongs, on his finger.

Hopefully he never loses it again, it’s not a pleasant experience to lose your wedding ring!

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Gold ring lost while cleaning snow from a car recovered in Bethel, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

  • I received a call from Joseph on New Year’s Eve after he had lost his diamond encrusted gold ring clearing snow from his fiancées car. The ring had been a Christmas gift and after efforts to search with a security wand type detector were unsuccessful, I was called to conduct a search of driveway. After about 15 minutes I was able to locate and return the ring to Joseph who was elated to get it back. A portion of the reward will be donated to the Gary Owen House for Veterans in Searsmont, ME.

Ring lost in a snow bank, Syracuse, NY – FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I received a call from Oliver who lives on the east side of Syracuse.  He stated that while shoveling snow off his driveway, he lost his gold signet ring.  He had the ring on when he went out to shovel the snow, he finished the driveway and then climbed into his car to move it and realized that his ring was gone.  He had searched, but with no luck.

I arrived and interviewed him and started the search.  The banks where he would have shoveled the snow were 4 foot high, and there was around 12 inches in the front yard.  I checked the driveway, side walks and the snow piles along side, but after 1 ½ hours was unable to find his ring. A signet ring is very small and the big snow banks, piled around 4 feet high, my detector could not penetrate all the way to to the bottom of them.

Now, I’m like a beagle dog chasing a rabbit.  I don’t give up until I catch the rabbit,(ring) or the rabbit goes down a hole.  We agreed that the banks were just too deep, and I would return again in the spring when the snow melts.  After all, the ring would not move and would be there when the snow melted. A thaw was arriving the next weekend, so Oliver was to keep checking along the sides of the snowbanks as they melted back, and if he did not find the ring during the thaw, I would return after the snow was gone.

One week later Oliver called, and he found the ring.  It was right where we figured it was, deep into the piled up snow.

When anyone loses a ring there are lots of emotion involved. They are mad at themselves, they feel the sense of loss, they second guess themselves as to what if anything they did wrong, and of course they feel the financial loss.  When you call anyone from « The Ring Finders » we arrive with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but most important we arrive without emotion.  We interview you and with a clear head brake down what happened so that we have a picture where the ring should be. Most times we can find the ring right then and there, but sometimes we have to return because of environmental reasons.

This was one of those cases.  I was sure the ring was in the snow bank, but because the bank was big, my machine was unable to penetrate completely into the center of it. But I was worried that someone else would find the ring as the snow melted before I returned. So I asked Oliver to keep checking as the bank melted.  He did so, and he found the ring.  This is an example of « clear thinking ».

So I did not find the ring but we found the ring.

Another smile.