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Kaikohe Wedding Ring Lost Over Edge. Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Yesterday, Moana was tidying up her vege planter and throwing the weeds over the edge of the bank in Kaikohe, when she heard and felt a clash of rings on her throwing hand.
Checking, she realised that she had just lost her mums precious gold wedding ring over the steep bank and into the Kikuyu.
Someone loaned her a cheap detector, however without decent equipment and experience in recoveries the odds were stacked against her.

She didn’t locate it.

I got a call last night asking if I was able to help, and this afternoon I was shown the scene, not the toughest job I’ve had, but would have been in the top 10 – I certainly had my work cut out on this one.
Looking for a tiny ring in knee-deep Kikuyu on a slope that ranged from steep, to having to hang onto handfuls of grass to stop sliding away had potential to be a long hard battle.
90 minutes later though, I was knocking on the door with the gold ring in my hand.
The reactions I get are always worth far more to me than gold.

If you’ve lost a ring in the garden or even a paddock, maybe you’ve hired a metal detector or a friend has had a go without luck and you’ve given it up as lost – give me a call !
I’ll do my best to put that ring back on your finger and a smile back on your face!

Lost gold wedding ring found (for a 2nd time) Granger, Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

9 years ago, in 2013, I recovered this ring for Chris, who had lost it in Donnell Lake (Vandalia, Mi). Since then, he implemented a protocol to always leave it in the lake house prior to heading out on/in the water. The ring is half of a matched set (with his wife’s). Anyhow, he was cleaning up leaves in the yard and at some point noticed his ring went missing. He knew who to call to search for it. I searched most the yard and an area where he said he had lost a gas cap from a blower yesterday, but ended up finding it within the leaves by the street (piled up for the county leaf sucker truck to get). He later recalled flinging some leaves onto a large tarp, which must have sent the ring sailing also. Prior to me going to search, he mentioned being worried maybe he blew the ring away with the leafblower too. I tested that concern with an average weight men’s ring and my extra powerful Stihl 800x blower (had to totally try to move the ring, not a worry, likely different with lighter rings though).
I told him that he’s now in the “twice-found club”, as I’ve recovered another ring twice, years apart, for another guy recently.