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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Snowmobile Friends Deanna and Terry had invited me down for a visit. Dee remembered that I metal detect and of course I usually always take my gear with me!

Terry was worried that if there were ever an issue or a flood he wouldn’t be able to shut the water off! The valve was buried 13 years ago since it’s installation! The town had trouble locating it and I understand why! There were a number of metal pieces in the stones of the driveway which made the challenge difficult for town worker and also myself!

I took a reading off another visible shutoff valve. 10/11 on the Equinox800. I checked the location back from roadway and went back to the driveway entrance. I had numerous signals and readings but had an area beside the fence with an 11 on the Equinox800. Terry grabbed my shovel and SHAZAM… 6” down was the missing water shutoff valve!! Missing for 13 years!

I advised them to call the Township office to come out and GPS the valve for their records!

Check out the video;

It was great have an outing during Covid but more to see some dear Friends and help them out! I also met a neighbour with some little kiddo’s Scotti and Maverick. I think I inspired two new little Pirates!

I can’t wait to hit the “GALLAGHER FARM MARKET” this summer for another visit and some amazing fresh produce!

Check out Terry and Deanna’s page, order some wonderful produce (Covid times) and head down for a lovely drive! www.Gallagherfarmmarket.ca ORIGINAL SINCE 1972!

NIAGARA region is absolutely wonderful area along with all the people and communities in it!