lost wedding band omaha found!!!

  • de Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call from a fellow Ringfinder who was out of town on vacation and could not help a couple who were at a local lake for a Sunday outing. The lady was stung by a bee on her hand and in the process of shaking the bee off she threw her rings into the grass, Her large diamond was easily found by all the people eyeballing the I met up with the distraught husband and we began the search in the general area were he thought it was. And of course it was the opposite direction as usual. At first there were many helpful eyes that made it difficult to concentrate on locating the ring. But I kept at it the husband evidentially had to leave to take his baby to the clinic for a check up. And few painstaking slow searches I finally put my detector on gold mode for the equinox 800 and bam got a strong 3 on the vdi and there it was I was very thrilled but by then everyone was gone it was almost dark so my celebration went unnoticed. I still felt really happy I was able to return her ring that night to take some of the trauma off her that night she had been thru enough.

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