Signet Ring Lost, Found, and Returned in Tampa, Florida

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Signet Ring Lost, Found, and Returned in Tampa, Florida

Randy went down to a neighborhood pond to see if he could cast net some bait for a fishing trip. He got all setup to throw his first cast, let it go and heard a thump as the net flew through the air. He checked his finger for the gold signet ring his grandmother had given to him just before she passed away. His worst fear was verified when he saw it was no longer on his finger. He spent the next several hours looking in the grass around the area and finally decided it must have gone into the water. After googling for metal detector rental he found SRARC and contacted Mike Miller. Mike scheduled a hunt for the next day and Mark Sillence and Randy met him at the location at 10:30 am. Mark was geared up for the water so he started hunting there and Mike started to cover the bank above the water. In about 15 minutes Mike got a good signal, looked down, and there it was in plain sight. Randy was overjoyed and grinning ear to ear. SRARC is always happy to put a cherished ring back on its owner’s finger.


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    Lost ring I-75 rest stop near Tampa

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