Keith Hoffart, Author at The Ring Finders

Henry’s wedding ring – Golden, BC

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Feb 26, 2021 – I received a call from Henry who lost his wedding ring as it had fallen thru a hole in his pant pocket.  Henry noticed his ring was missing after he had cleared a pathway to the chicken coop with his snow blower.  I detected the cleared pathways without success then moved over to where the snow had been blown and was 2 – 3 feet deep.  I was detecting approx. 15 feet away from the pathway, near some overhanging branches where I got a promising signal.  I called Henry over with his shovel and asked him to scoop the signal.  We noticed after the first scoop that the signal had moved.  On Henry’s second scoop, he had his ring in the shovel.


Beautiful custom made gold wedding ring

Henry reunited with his wedding ring!

Henry’s ring was found by the overhanding branches in front of chicken coop

Lost Key Found! Canmore, AB

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Feb 23/19 – I received an urgent call from someone who lost a very important key.  A quick search located the key in the parking lot.


Lost Keys Found! Lake Louise, AB

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

April 12/19 – We received an email from Eric who had lost his keys around a firepit (he thought). We met up with Eric’s friend – Iyad – who was able to direct us to the firepit area. The snow around the firepit was packed down but everywhere else, the snow was 2 feet deep! The keys were found on the side of the pathway to the firepit.

Very important keys found!

Lost Keys Found! Banff, AB

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Dec 21/19 – received a call from a young lady in Banff, AB. She’d lost her keys in her driveway and couldn’t find them in the deep snow. They were recovered in a snowbank on the side of the driveway.


Lost wedding band found! Golden, BC

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Dec. 15/19 – I was called to help find a wedding band in Golden, BC.  His wife had his ring on one of her fingers and when they stopped at a roadside pullout, she got out, shook her hands and his ring flew off into the snow!!!  I searched a number of pullouts without success as he was unsure of the pullout as this happened at night.  After picking up his wife, she took us directly to the right pullout and after an extensive search, it was found!


So happy to get his ring back!

GoPro Found!

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Feb 24/21 – Eric contacted me to locate the GoPro that he lost while skiing at the Panorama Ski Resort in British Columbia. After a 500 metre hike up the ski hill, we locate the tree well where he thought he lost it. He was right! I found it over 1 foot below snow level!

Got my GoPro back!