Henry's wedding ring - Golden, BC

  • de Invermere (British Columbia, Canada)

Feb 26, 2021 – I received a call from Henry who lost his wedding ring as it had fallen thru a hole in his pant pocket.  Henry noticed his ring was missing after he had cleared a pathway to the chicken coop with his snow blower.  I detected the cleared pathways without success then moved over to where the snow had been blown and was 2 – 3 feet deep.  I was detecting approx. 15 feet away from the pathway, near some overhanging branches where I got a promising signal.  I called Henry over with his shovel and asked him to scoop the signal.  We noticed after the first scoop that the signal had moved.  On Henry’s second scoop, he had his ring in the shovel.


Beautiful custom made gold wedding ring

Henry reunited with his wedding ring!

Henry’s ring was found by the overhanding branches in front of chicken coop

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