Lost Ring in New Castle, PA...Found!

  • de Altoona (Pennsylvania, United States)

Seth called me and told me that his wife, Keona, had lost the engagement ring from her wedding set while in their barn feeding their horses. He said he tried finding it with a metal detector, but hadn’t had any luck and wondered if I would take a look. They were two and a half hours away from us, but Julie and I like to travel and visit state parks, and they happened to live near one, so I said we would give it a try. When we got there, I was able to use Keona’s wedding band to dial in my Minelab to match the missing ring. I did a grid search of the barn floor and in about 15 minutes, I found the ring. Seth seemed both surprised and relieved and we talked about how the lower-end metal detectors he had borrowed to search for the ring aren’t able to single out specific signals, so it was nothing he was doing wrong. The floor of the barn is dirt and the detectors he borrowed were picking up all kinds of signals, but the Minelab was able to zero in on the ones that mattered. 

Keona was beyond happy to get her ring back! No matter how many times I see someone get emotional when we find their ring, it’s always a special moment to witness. Seth was great and gave us directions to the state park that would take us through the town of Volant, Pa., which had a pumpkin fest going on. I thought the ringfind went pretty fast, but Julie and I weren’t in the car even 10 minutes when I got a text from Seth that was a screenshot of a post Keona had shared on social media. It was by far one of the fastest and nicest unsolicited testimonials that I have ever received:

“Soooo over a week ago, I did a bad thing. The baby was sick so I went directly from work to the barn to let in and feed the horses so everything would be done and I could go home and just take care of my sick baby. Unfortunately, coming straight from work I didn’t switch out my diamonds for my plastic ring I usually wear when I’ll be doing yard/barn work. I lost almost 30lbs recently and the rings had been a bit loose but with the covid the jewelers had been closed. I left the barn and realized my engagement ring had fallen off somewhere. I looked at work and at home for over a week with multiple helpers and even two metal detectors. Unfortunately there’s metal everywhere in a barn and after a week of searching I felt it was gone forever. I did a Google search and found a professional ring finder in Altoona, Pa. We were outside of his service area, but called on a hope and a prayer. HE CAME OUT HERE and FOUND MY RING! If anyone makes the same mistake I did and needs a professional ring finder, I 100% recommend you call John King from Altoona, Pa. Seth thinks he should’ve bought a Harley instead because you can’t lose a Harley as easily. I will be headed to get my rings sized today, and until then a plastic band will do.”

I had Julie read the text to me as we drove and when she was done, I looked at her and said “That’s why we do it, baby. We made someone’s day.” Best of luck to Seth, Keona, and their family!

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