Heirloom ring recovered from Lakewood back yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

On the weekend of March 13/14 the Denver area received it’s largest snow fall in 18 years with some areas receiving as much as three feet of snow. On the following Monday Dana was talking on the phone with a friend and they decided to compare snow depths. Dana actually grabbed a tape measure and headed to their back patio to measure the snow that had accumulated on top of their trash cans. In doing this Dana’s hand that had her great-great (maybe one more great) grand father’s wedding band on came in contact with the snow. In shaking the snow off her hand, the ring went flying off and into the snow. She didn’t hear the ring hit anything due to the snows depth and she couldn’t see any hole in the snow to give indication of the ring’s location. Dana and her husband started filling plastic tote containers full of snow and taking them to their bathtub to melt to see if they could find the ring. After several totes with no ring and not a lot of snow left in the immediate area they needed to try something different that is when Dana found my profile on Theringfinders.com and she called me.

Dana called a little after 4:00 PM and explained her situation. I thought there would be just enough time for me to drive to her house and perform a search. I am co-host of Relic Roundup a live talk show podcast about treasure hunting ever Monday night, we go live on air at 7:00 PM. So with getting my gear together, the drive would normally take a half hour but I wasn’t sure of road conditions (remember a near record snowstorm just occurred) a search and then return home. It was going to be tight but I had to do the search.

I arrived at their condo and we talked about the events that lead to the rings loss. Dana, her husband and I moved some metallic items out of the search area and I began my search. I grabbed one of my detectors that I typically use for ring searches and began swinging. But due to underground electrical cables, yard edging and other interferences that machine wasn’t going to get the job done. I switched machines to my CTX 3030 and started swinging again. After a minute of two I received a good signal and made comment of such. I kicked away a couple of inches of snow and the gold band made it’s appearance. Dana had put up a good front while I was searching but when I finally recovered the ring she realized what it was that was missing. Inscribed on the inside of the band is « ELS to HLE Dec 21,1896. ELS was her great-great grandmother Elizabeth and H was her great-great grandfather Herman. I felt fortunate to now be associated with such a story and history of this ring.


Ring recovered March 15, 2021


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