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  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

I was heading back from metal detecting at a local lake Saturday afternoon when I got a call from Alondra, she told me that she lost her ring at the beach in Santa Monica where playing volleyball. I agreed to go & help her after I went home to pick up my salt water detector & grabbed quick snacks. It was already 6:30 pm when I left my house to drive through downtown LA and arrived at the beach just before 8:00 pm, Alondra walked me over to her beach chair & showed me where she thought her ring disappeared into the sand, I detected gridding in the area several times for over half an hour without luck. It was getting dark and she had to leave to meet friends for dinner. I agreed to stay & search a little longer & told her that I’d call if I had any luck. I only had another half hour or so before they locked the parking lot. I knew the ring was wide so I figured that it must have rolled down the beach towards the water, it was the only place left to search, less than 10 minutes of detecting in the water just above my ankles & heard a loud signal, dug & there was Alondra’s ring . I called her to tell her the good news while I was walking off the beach to the cement boardwalk, she was back in less than 10 minutes and was elated to have her ring back. I was thrilled that by not giving up I was able to help bring joy to a nice young couple.