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Wedding Band Recovered in Sea Bright NJ by Dennis Burlingame

While sitting home I got a call from fellow RingFinder Matty St Germain asking if I could do a recovery in Sea Bright seeing he was already on his way to another. I called John at Sea Bright and told him i’d be there as soon as traffic would let me. Seem that while taking off his ring to put in his backpack to take a dip in the ocean, he pulled a little to hard and the ring flew off his finger into the sand. He tried to find it himself sifting through the sand with his fingers but with no luck. He had to leave the beach and had friends keep a eye on the spot they were sitting he even made a mound in the sand to mark the spot just in case, because he was planning on coming back down later in the day to look again for himself. But while home he found RingFinders on line and called Matty for help. I got to the beach and John took me to where he was sitting and I wasn’t having luck till I got to the mound of sand he made. I heard a light tone and kicked the sand around to flatten the mound some and the tone got louder and sure enough there was his ring.  It was great to give John back his ring. The thing is you can always buy another ring but it just isn’t the same as the one that your spouse puts on your finger when married. Another Happy Ending…

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