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Platinum Engagement Ring Lost in San Francisco, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When Danett was told that she couldn’t wear any jewelry to a recent procedure, she gave pause to whether or not to leave her ring behind. What would she do with her engagement ring? The item came with a proposal this last New Years Eve exactly 1 year after meeting her fiance.  It was brand new and very sentimental, and leaving it behind just didn’t seem right. Begrudgingly she removed her Platinum engagement ring and placed it on the night stand inside her studio…or did she?

I was contacted by Danett after my friend and colleague Jes past along my information.  Her Platinum engagement ring was missing and herself, her fiance, and a friend had all searched for the special item with no luck.  Things were getting desperate despite the fiance being very calm about it and the ring being insured.  I told her that I was glad to assist in any way I could and the following evening I headed to San Francisco for the search.  I brought all manner of tools and equipment not knowing what the search might hold.

Early on it was revealed that there were pets involved and I suspected they might have played a role in the missing ring.  I owe Angel, their dog, an apology.  I was almost certain he had possibly lapped up the ring. Detecting over his favorite potty spots cleared his name.

After an hour of searching the little studio, Danett shouted « I found it!!! »  The ring was in a cardboard ring box that once sat on the nightstand.  It was moved to a shelf during initial searches for the missing ring.  We had made the recovery!!!

Danett was very kind and sweet.  She had told me that she was extremely distressed about the missing engagement ring, but you would have never known it. She told me that my demeanor and confidence kept her calm and focused so we could smoothly and systematically search and that having a professional there soothed her nerves. Ultimately, the ring was found and that was the common goal we shared.  She was very happy to be reunited with her ring and I felt joy in play some part in the story this item now continues to tell.

Best wishes to the couple and my new friend Angel the dog!


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