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Ring recovered from bushes in Greeley, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

The night before their scheduled departure to return to Arizona while visiting the family of her boyfriend in Greeley, Colorado Danielle Crook lost a ring that was given to her by her boyfriend. A hand full of people searched the driveway and area of rock and bushes that separated the neighbor’s property from theirs. They searched in earnest for over two hours with no luck. There was a mat of leaves that blanketed the river rock area that contained the bushes that made a visual search seem nearly impossible.

Danielle found my profile on « Ring Finders » and sent me an email around 11:00 that night explaining that she was leaving the next day so time was a critical factor. I responded to her email early that next morning and told her to call me ASAP and we should be able to work something out. Within minutes I received a call from Danielle and we arranged for me to search for her ring which was white gold with a diamond adorning its top. I readied my gear, strapped it onto my motorcycle and headed out to meet Danielle.

Upon arrival introductions were made and I further inquired as to how the ring became lost. Come to find out a dispute had come about and the ring was tossed aside in the heat of the moment. Almost instantaneously Danielle regretted what she had just done and wished she could take it back. She could not remember how she had tossed the ring, right or left handed. I had her toss another ring with a several inches of sting tied onto it with both hands while in the seated position she was in the night before.

I began my search in the area of the consistent landing spot from her right handed toss. Using my metal detector I began searching the leafy rock area first without success. I then switched to searching the branches of the bushes, the branches were small in diameter but long and filled with leaves.  Within a minute I heard the tone of white gold come from my machine. I separated the branches of the bushes and there was a pretty little ring hung up on a branch in the middle of the bush about 24” above the ground. I called Danielle over to see the ring for herself, I almost had to put my figure on it for her to be able to see the ring. Within 12 hours of contacting me Danielle had her ring back on her hand. She was quite happy to get her ring back and this made their flight back to Arizona a much better flight.


Ring recovered July 29th, 2011

Danielle with her ring back