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Lost Wedding Ring at Te Ngaere – Found.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Jojje posted a message to Facebook stating he had lost his silver wedding ring at Te Ngaere beach near Whangaroa.  He had, ironically, taken it off when he went paddleboarding so as not to lose it…

Placing it in a jacket pocket, he forgot about it as they packed up and headed back to the car, realising too late that it had fallen out.

I was tagged by one of the local Facebook community, and with low tide due at 2am, I headed straight out that evening.

It was a relatively quick recovery on a very cold but clear night under a full moon, the ring being located in the first search pattern – but outside the indicated area.  I messaged Jojje before it got too late in the evening to let him know that his precious lost ring was now secure.

A couple of days later, we met up and you could see the physical and emotional relief as he slipped it back on his finger where it belonged.



Lost wedding band in Sand at Taupo Bay – Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)
 Taupo Bay is a beautiful surf beach, and whilst the bigger waves can be powerful, the shallow runout wash into the beach shallows is an ideal place to play with the kiddies while on holiday – As Michael was doing with his 2yo daughter this morning.

As he lifted her up out of the water though, he felt his platinum wedding ring of 7 years slip off his finger – and vanish.

Rings sink almost instantly in mobile sands, and efforts to locate it were fruitless.

This afternoon, Michael posted on the local Taupo Bay social media group asking people to be on the lookout for it.

Word filtered through to me, and knowing the ring would already be under the sand, I got in contact with Michael.
The tide was approaching full, and a similar tide state to when Michael lost his ring, so I dropped everything and headed up – Worst case, I could work the last of the rising tide, and then follow it back down again into the night if necessary.
On arrival, I asked Michael to mark a line down the beach as his best guess as to the alignment the ring might be on, « We’ll see how good you are », I said with a grin.This would be my reference for the grid extending out either side.With the tide rising, I started in the water and worked my way ashore.
Aside from a few ‘teasers’, likely deep fishing sinkers or pulltabs off drink cans, the beach was pleasantly clear of trash.

I emerged out of the shallows and continued the grid into the edge of the waters reach.
As I passed Michaels line in the sand, I got a nice low ‘double-hit’ of a shallow target.
I dug my hand in, and from about 2 inches down, emerged the ring – Smack in the middle of Michaels line!

I’ve often had rings up to 30-40metres, or more, away from the « It’s Here » mark, but never actually exactly on the line. Definitely one for the books.

With the ring handed back, a handshake and a few photos, I was on my way back home.

And Michael was out of the ‘doghouse’🙂