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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a lost gold ring buried at Carlsbad beach.:OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

I received a call about a ring lost in the sand the evening before at Carlsbad beach.There were Q’s about charges or fees for my service which is just a reward basis and what you can afford I explained Too him,but personally upon writing this post my only concern being a member of Theringfinders was the area it was lost at is heavily metal detected by many many “Beach combers” including one I see there 3-5 times a week.

So we arranged the best time to meet later that hot sunny day in San Diego just a couple hrs before sunset when the crowds and limited parking areas began clearing up.We all Arrived promptly with hopes of a quick successful recovery,Then I asked a few Lost ring detective questions to better the chances and recovery speed while the 3 of us headed down the staircase case at Cherry st. on the south side of Lifeguard tower # 36 at Carlsbad state beach with a GPS tool scanner I use on searches which showed an approximate latitude and longitude of 33*08’ 59” N 117* 20’ 52” W

Just as the couple was showing me the approximate area we see a metal detector hobbyists swinging through the crowds basically inches from other peoples personal space & belongings…From there my hopes to help them find there lost ring shattered as he had previously/quickly scanned through the area where it was lost.

These circumstances in my position of trying to help others is discouraging as it may of already been found?However especially In my line of profession and experience I also had to remain optimistic that maybe it was missed by the new combers and old combers in the past 24hrs when it was lost? I certainly must give  ALL factors a chance.

I began a North-South grid search with my Metal Detector and not too long after I got a signal indicating a zinc penny…? So I scooped it out while surprising them by unearthing their lost precious ring buried in the sand . 😉

“It’s all about karma…and timing.”
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