Platinum Wedding Ring Lost during yardwork in Houston, Texas recovered by John Volek TRF

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost during an afternoon of yard work in Houston, Texas recovered by John Volek-TRF Houston

I was contacted by Drew a resident of Houston, Texas who was looking for help in finding his lost Platinum wedding band in the backyard of his residence. Drew reported he had spent a day doing yard work, digging irrigation draining, laying pavers, and setting ornamental rocks throughout the backyard of his residence. Drew said, at the conclusion of the day he realized his wedding band was no longer on his finger.

Drew said he spend a few hours searching for his ring realizing he may have very well buried under a paver, decorative stones, or even some of the new sod. Drew said a short internet search led him to The Ring Finders, and he placed the call.

After setting a time with Drew, I arrived and commenced an in-depth search of the backyard, having to use the handheld ofter to work around large metallic components, pool equipment, air conditioners, and metal perimeter edging. After not have any success after the 3rd sweep of all the areas in question, Drew and I retraced his steps and he recalled having jumped into the pool at one point during the day. The bottom of the pool checked clear, but the creepy crawler and sucked up his ring and was found in the collection basket.

Not your traditional recovery, but it turned out to be a good day!



































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  1. Kaleb O'Quinn says:

    I had lost my class ring in Galveston when I was living there. I lost it at 61st between Popeyes and the corner store at the corner of 61st and Broadway. You can contact me at the email below. Thank you. Its a black ring with the birth stone of side has boxing gloves on it the other has a buck on it. The inside of it is engraved with my name.class of 2019. Thank you

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