Man’s Platinum Wedding band Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Got a call from Eleazar A. before 7am on Friday, August 12th asking if I could help find his Platinum wedding band that he lost the day before in knee to waist deep water right around mid-tide. Unfortunately I and Jim Brouwer were on our way to NC to look for another lost ring from 6 days ago. I told Eleazar that I’d call him back when we finished that search and set up a time to meet. We finished up the first search with negative results so we headed back to North Myrtle Beach. I called Eleazar and told him we’d meet him on the beach in about an hour and a half.

Eleazar met Jim and I as we pulled into a parking spot and took us to the area him, his wife Natalie and 2 children had been sitting the day before and explained that he had been playing with the kids and boogie boarding about the mid-tide line and shortly after that he realized his ring had come off. He had made numerous observations on his location when he lost his ring which in the end was a great help. Jim took the water line and worked the incoming tide while I took the dry sand and worked my way down to the mid-tide line. Neither one of us were getting many targets which meant the beach was heavily sanded in. Jim and I made the decision to come back in the evening at low tide and left.

I showed back up about 8:30pm (an hour and twenty minutes before low tide) and started following the tide out in the area that Eleazar gave us with no luck at all. Twenty minutes or so before low tide I decided to expand my grid search south and went into the surf about knee deep. Within 20-30 steps I get a great signal on the Gold quest PI, dig a scoop and Bingo – I heard the heavy Platinum ring rattling around in the scoop and turned my head lamp on to confirm it. I walked back up to the hotel lights and took a picture of the ring and sent it with a text saying “Surprise!!”. I immediately got a text back from Eleazar saying “I’m on my way”. He shows up within seconds with his wife and 2 kids, that he just woke up, and his excitement was priceless. He was sure the ring was gone forever and I was starting to have my doubts as well. Trying to do a grid search in pitch black conditions with medium surf and an abundance of jellyfish is not an ideal way to search for anything let alone a small ring. But nonetheless his ring is back on his finger where it belongs.

Eleazar and Natalie, thank you so much for trusting me to find your precious ring and for the very generous reward. Have a very safe trip back home.


Eleazar and Natalie Eleazar's Platinum Ring


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  1. Jim Wren dit :

    Received from Josie Amores Thank and praise the Lord for finding my son’s wedding ring!Everything is possible with our
    Lord God. You did a wonderful job Jim! I’ll recommend you the next time someone ‘s jewelry is missing. Thanks so much Jim! God bless u always. My son was so happy and came to our room jumping saying he found the ring.

  2. Natalie A dit :

    To think you can actually recover a lost ring in the ocean. I was reluctant when Eleazar called Jim for help. Jim was true to every word he said to us. He showed up when he said he would and found Eleazar’s ring in that choppy ocean. Jim was in knee deep water with jellyfish trying to find something that wasn’t his and not expecting a dime if he found anything. Jim is an amazing person! I am still in shock that he was able to recover my husband’s wedding band! Thank you Jim!
    I would recommend Jim for the job without hesitation. What he did for us and what he can do for others is wonderful! Call him as soon as you lose something on the beach. He will be there within the hour if he’s not on a job. He’s so nice, knows what he’s doing, and will keep searching to find your treasure. What a guy!

  3. El dit :

    Jim Wren & Jim Brouwer you guys are amazing, honest professionals willing to help anyone in need.

    Here is my story:

    Immediately after I noticed that my ring was lost I was extremely depressed it was definitely a stomach churning vacation mood killer. That night I was so upset I couldn’t sleep, I was on the internet looking for the same exact ring to replace the one I just lost, but I knew even though it would look the same that it would not feel the same. So I started doing internet searches for metal detectors and advice on how to find a ring in the ocean which thankfully brought me to and connected me to the North Myrtle beach representative Jim Wren. After reading some of the blogs I had decided to contact Jim as a last hail marry however it was 3am so I waited till day light. 6am comes and I am antsy not 100% sure which part of the beach/ocean I lost my ring, I took the elevator down to the beach to claim the same area that I was sitting at the day before just in case the ring fell in that area. Thinking back, it was pretty comical because I setup up two beach umbrellas and a few chairs in the RAIN trying to claim the largest area possible before anyone beats me to it. Then a little before 7am against all my will afraid that I would be waking Jim up I called, he answers and I nervously I ask for help. He says that he was on already on a recovery job and would meet me after he finishes. True to his word Jim calls me back and asked me to meet him on the beach, he brought Jim Brouwer to assist. The two gentlemen combed the beach and water with no luck. At this point I have started to accept that my ring would be lost for good and offered to pay Jim for coming out. Totally dedicated to finding my ring, both Jims would not accept any money and Jim Wren says he wants to come back during low tide which happens to be at 9:51pm. So the remainder of the day becomes a waiting game moping around with high anxiety. Then at approximately at 9:50pm I get a text from Jim Wren “SURPRISE” with pictures of my ring in complete disbelief and heightened excitement I jump up and down screaming “Holy $#!* He found my ring”!!!!!

    I do not regret losing my ring because I got the pleasure of meeting two genuinely kind men with extremely large hearts. My only regret was not calling Jim sooner, I may have saved a sleepless night.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to recover my ring. My whole family appreciates all your efforts.

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