14K Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Amanda J. on Thursday, August 11th asking for help in finding her husband’s gold wedding band. She went on to say they were on a little vacation from Greenville, SC and celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary. I was on my way back from out of town and told her I’d call her when I got close and we could meet on the beach.

I met up with Amanda and John to get the details on exactly what happened and learned John had been tossing a volleyball back and forth with their daughter Presley when he felt his ring come off. They showed me where they had been sitting and where John and Presley had been playing in the shallow water that was now completely under water with the incoming tide. Knowing that I was going to do some water searching and not having my water machine that was back in the shop for repairs, I contacted Jim Brouwer and asked if he had a water machine I could borrow. Once again Jim came through and gladly loaned me one of his many machines. While I had him on the phone I asked him if he wanted to tag along which he gladly accepted. While waiting for Jim I checked around where John and Amanda had been sitting and a little bit of the tide line with my AT Pro just to rule those areas out. Once Jim got there he gave me a quick lesson on his Gold quest PI and then we decided we’d come back in a few hours and work the outgoing tide.

Jim got back to the spot a few minutes before I did and had started working the water line up towards the dry sand. I tuned up my (new) machine, made a few practice runs with Jim’s (old) machine and started working from Jim’s first line seaward. Eight grid lines and 30 minutes later my new water machine gives me a banging signal, one scoop and up comes John’s Gold wedding band. I took a picture of me holding John’s ring and sent it with a text saying BINGO!!! Uh oh Amanda’s not calling me back. I gave her a few minutes and called her, when she answered I ask her if she had seen the text I sent. She checked her texts and I could hear her say “He found it!!!”. They were on their way back to their resort but made a U-turn and arrived back on the beach in about 5 minutes. I could tell by their faces that not only could that not believe the ring had been found but were trying hard to contain their emotions. I LOVE returning people’s special treasures!!!!

John and Amanda, Happy 31st Anniversary and may you celebrate many many more with the ring on John’s finger. Thank you so much for trusting in me to help find your treasure and for the very generous reward. Have a safe trip home.


John and Amanda

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  1. Yvonne robinson dit :

    Hello, I found your information on facebook. I somehow lost my whole key ring with about…8-10 keys on it somewhere between the public walkway near inlet point villa and the inlet. we walked down that little wooded trail, accross the dune like area and along the beach. We stopped after about five minhutes and my son went in the water while I sat down in a folding chair. Thten we walked further along the beach then taking a shortcut rather than going all the way around the point. We fished for hours about…1/4 of the way up. My key were in the tackle box or so I thought. The sand was blowing hard and covering things up so that may have happened. My husband and son spent two hours in the dark looking and I spent another looking. We go home tomorrow but if anyone can take a look, I will be glad to pay. My car, home,work and more keys are on there. It is a ring of keys with two toyota keys, a key with a red house shaped cover. These were lost at around 9:00 PM or earlier on Aug. 13.

  2. Presley Johnson dit :

    while playing volleyball with my dad in the ocean, his wedding band flew off his hand and we didn’t realize it until we were headed back. the tide had started to come in, making our « volleyball court » underwater and waaay too difficult to search. after tracing our steps, we left. my mom was going to put an ad on craigslist for it, but saw an ad for « ring finders of myrtle beach » after speaking to a man named « jim », he told us he could come out and meet us at the beach. he showed up on time, and had his equipment with him. we let him know where we sat and where we had been throwing the volleyball. he searched where we had sat with no luck. he told us to wait until six o’clock when the tide was low, and he’d come back. while eating, we got a call from him and he’d found the ring! he said it was right where we had been throwing the ball, and said he spent about 30 minutes looking for it. my dad, mom, mimi, and i were amazed that he could find it, despite being through low and high tide twice. EXTREMELY impressed with this business, and would recommend it to anybody vacationing in myrtle who’s dropped any items in the sand. jim was a very nice guy, who works on a reward basis, he also dontates 10% to saint jude children’s hospital. #blessed

  3. Amanda LaCroix Johnson dit :

    My husband and I were on vacation in North Myrtle celebrating our anniversary. My husband and daughter were tossing a ball back and forth in the surf and shortly afterwards we realized his wedding band was missing. We looked, to no avail, and considered the ring a loss. We were almost sick the rest of the afternoon, but I thought I would put an ad on Craigslist « lost and found » in case an honest person found it. While I was making the post, I saw an ad for Ringfinders. I was skeptical, but thought it was worth a shot. I called Jim Wren and he put me at ease right away. He was very professional when we met to show him the area where we thought the ring was, and told me he would call if he found it. I really didn’t expect to hear from Jim, but around 7:00 that afternoon he sent a text with a picture of him holding the ring!!! Our prayers were answered, and we couldn’t be more excited to go meet him to get the ring. I would recommend him to anyone who has lost an item-he seemed genuinely concerned about us and our feelings. I can’t thank him enough!!

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