Engagement Ring Recovered in Belmar NJ by Dennis Burlingame

Sitting home I got a call from Madison. While at the beach she took off her wedding set to put lotion on herself and 2 year old daughter, and put them on her toes thinking they’d be safe. Forgetting they were there she got up to walk her daughter down to the water to put their feet in and cool off. Then she remembered her rings but it was to late. Going back to her towels she found her wedding band next to the towel but not the engagement ring. Took the ride down and luckily it was a week day and was able to park pretty close to the beach. Met Madison and she showed me where she was sitting seeing she moved over a few feet, someone let her use an umbrella to keep her daughter out of sun. Started looking and about 7 feet from where I started I found her ring. A happy ending to a beautiful beach day.

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2 Replies to “Engagement Ring Recovered in Belmar NJ by Dennis Burlingame”

  1. Debbie dit :

    this is Madison mother in law my stomach was in knots when she called to tell me, you save the day!!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Madison Weeks dit :

    Thank you so much for saving our girls beach day! My family and I are so grateful that you found my ring and were able to help us out. You were so quick and efficient and turned our terrible day into a great one!

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