Diamond ring recovery found by Dennis Burlingame

Was asked not to give out to much info on this recovery, got a call at work from a woman who asked if I could help find her ring on the beach. Without to much detail as per her request, she stopped at the beach after a night on the town and managed to loose her ring. Met her after work and we went to where she was, wasn’t to hard to figure where she was with only one patch of foot prints on the beach from the night before. Started searching the area and half way through got the tone i was looking for. After a BIG hug and a nice smile , ring was reunited with the hand it belongs on.

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  1. Chris Turner dit :

    Congrats on the recovery Dennis…Please note that if the person doesn’t want their picture taken have them take a picture of you holding it with your smile and we can use that and record the recovery for the book of smiles.

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