Property Marker Search in Audubon NJ - Dave Milsted

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John emailed me asking if I could locate property markers. I said that I have in the past. We set up a search on Saturday morning. He sent me a copy of his survey that was done more than 30 years ago. 

When I arrived we walked the property. The two in the front yard shouldn’t be an issue, but the two in the back yard will be much harder as there is a chain-link fence & metal poles in the area.

I got to work. The 2 front yard markers were found within 15 minutes. I did not find the two in the backyard. In the area of both markers are telephone poles running electric lines. The markers could have been removed or displaced. The fence was also troubling as I had to use my pinpointer to search. 

John was very happy that I found two of the 4 markers. 

I love my hobby!!

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