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San Diego Lost & Found ring metal detecting service helped find a Priceless Gold ring at Encinitas beach Ca…CALL 760 889 2751 CURTIS COX

This special lost gold ring I found & returned recently has a value that succeeds any treasure you may fathom. Throughout my career of being a ring finder member and hobbyists sluicing for placer Gold deposits in California for nearly a decade prior,, I had already found a ton of Peace & Serenity in my gold pan…Which also includes Gold nuggets & of course many~many~many types of precious old jewelry.

But not a thing I have in my treasure chest exceeds those values to me like an old copper fire extinguisher from the 1950’s that I still use as a door stop, A conventional toaster oven from the 90’s. Along with some photos of my Grandmother & Grandfather that I only have left of them for keepsakes.

This signet gold ring was very sentimental too him because it was made in the 1950’s for his Grandpa!   Try to imagine how relieved he was or how you would be wearing the same flip flops?

This is why I enjoy doing what I do. It never gets old like us.  Some other beach pirates searching for treasure don’t understand because they may not of lost enough…Or found enough!


Who ya gonna call?  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751