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Lost gold charm found in Lake Michigan, Union Pier Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Diana was at the family lake home, playing with the kids in the water. Her cherished birthstone charm fell off it’s thin gold necklace. The necklace fell on her arm, but the charm was lost in the water. They looked for it, but could not see it on the sandy bottom.
Her husband spoke to me about the search area. I had him mark up some satelite screenshots indicating the best guess where it was lost, which was between two sand paths. He said it was betwen knee and calf deep. He descibed the charm as dime sized.
I searched for around an hour, finding several metallic targets. Got a very small target indication, carefully scooped it, and could see the charm’s diamonds and tourmaline stone! It was waist deep, a little deeper than suspected, but between the two paths as guestimated.
Kyle had lost his wedding ring over on the Chicago side of Lake Michigan in the past, which was recovered by a fellow Ringfinder. He immediately knew where to look for help with this loss!